More than a billboard.


Sujata builds and provides solutions that empower your business, and this includes consumer engagement.
With the customer growing increasingly smarter and faster, so must the customer’s experience.

Digital Signage Solutions is one such unconventional communication medium that displays targeted messages. Entertainment, immediacy & relevant information – it is the perfect way to have consistent interaction with your consumer base.

How we can help you

At Sujata, we provide Plug & Play Digital Signage Solutions as well as custom-made ones. Whichever your requirement, we ensure that they are:

● Easy to install, easy to use

● Cloud-based & password protected, allowing you complete access & control

Based on our client’s business requirement and industry, Sujata provides solutions such as 3M, Samsung, LG, Wallflower, etc.

Why you need it

The existing marketing space is static and lacks quality and effectiveness. Digital Signage is a step up from this, a level above the billboard – it is interactive, engaging and far more influential.
Another step ahead is here at Sujata where we offer comprehensive solutions;

  • Administration
  • Inventory Management
  • Content Management & Scheduling
  • Reporting & Analytics
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