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WS Bakers is a renowned chain of pastry and confectionary shops based out of Pune, they provide beautifully designed vegetarian cakes, pastries and deserts that are available in shops and delivered throughout the city of Pune!

They have 50+ stores via which they cater to any area.

Sujata Computers Pvt Ltd. is one of the leading IT infrastructure solutions providers in India, for more than 20 years.Sujata has continued to shape the IT industry by breaking new ground and pioneering critical developments in Enterprise computing. Sujata follows quality standards of ISO 20000-1:2011, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2013 and MSME Certified. Around 200 well qualified Employees in India, Singapore and US. Serving around 8500+ SMBs and 5000+ Enterprise customers.Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal.

The Challenge

The Challenge was to provide the client with a solution that would be beneficial from the business needs of the client as the client is from non IT background It was our responsibility to analyze, understand the client needs and provide them with the products profitable for their business. And also to serve them with all the assistance needed for the new setup and the technical support needed.

Solutions Provided

We provided them with the following products and services in all their outlets:

  • Surveillance System
  • Software SolutionsHardware Setup (Computers, Monitors, CPU’s)
  • Networking Solutions
  • Service, Installation & Maintenance
  • Audio Visual Setup (LFD Display Systems)


The Customer was satisfied with the set-up, the quality of the products, the pricing and also with the Service provided throughout the project set up and assistance.

Customer Satisfaction is the ultimate goal! Satisfied Customer is the certification of good work!

WS Bakers
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