IT as a business solution, at Sujata.     Hardware, software and peripheral assets – Sujata is an IT infrastructure, solutions and service provider.

If it is anything to do with IT, Sujata can be of assistance. From pre-sale consulting, to installation & configuration and after-sale servicing – we offer an end-to-end business solution so that our clients can have one less worry when it comes to running efficient and smooth business operations. 

It is because of this motivation, that every solution and service we provide our clients with is an enabler of business efficiency, in one way or another. This work culture has earned us trust in the forms of partnerships and clientele – each of which we have retained for years.


With over 200 people serving clients across the world, industry-specific experts and reliability ingrained as a value – Sujata has successfully become one of Maharashtra’s leading IT solution providers.

Our Clientele

Technology has seen more change in the past decade than ever before. Business growth rates have reached a new height.
But Sujata has remained reliable and accessible to its clients throughout, which is why our clients have remained with us, throughout. 

Shaping the IT industry

The scale, size and spread of an enterprise has never stopped Sujata from helping a business build and grow. From home businesses, to large enterprises; our team with its expertise has been supporting native and homegrown firms since its conception.


We are growing everyday!

Stronger client relations, resolute partnerships and a cooperative team – each aspect of Team Sujata grows alongside the other.
It is this sense of togetherness and progress that has placed Sujata across the world, whether that is the USA, Singapore or India. 


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