Facility Management Services

Sujata runs IT facilities for clients, so they can run their businesses, without glitches.

  • On-site
  • Saas Cloud (Software as a service)
  • VM image

We cater to the delivery model that your business requires, demands and more importantly, can evolve with.

To this extent, Sujata does not even pursue the latest technology or the trendiest.
We respect budgets, ease burdens and employ 20+ years of experience to find a solutions & service that empowers your business.

How Sujata empowers:

  • Service request management through a single web interface
  • Change, configuration and release management
  • IT asset lifecycle management
  • Service catalogue

Support for service providers Why solutions from Sujata:

  • Wide range of support packages
  • Certified IT team
  • Track of inventory, to identify & iron out potential threats
  • Cost-effective

Facility Management Services

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