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A fast-paced industry, with a growth rate that is even faster undoubtedly demands agile infrastructure and top-notch technology.


At Sujata, we recognize this need and offer high-end solutions ranging from software development and system integration to comprehensive project management. 

Moreover, we also provide maintenance programs and facility management services

As social gaming sees an advent, so does innovative content.

Across the world, game publishers are now witnessing the speed and flexibility that outsourcing offers game development offers.

For increased cost efficiency, here’s how Sujata can be of service:

Where an edge is necessary, a best in class suite of software is too. 

Whether it is designing, visualizing or presenting; we provide a set of software that is well suited for each process and more. 

A reliable software partner for you, to make a reliable architectural partner for your clients.

Skyrocketing energy costs, uncertainty in product line changes and the emergence of alternative sources are only a few of the features of the current automotive industry space.

In such a scenario, manufacturers and suppliers alike must operate seamlessly across boundaries, innovations and clients.

With rising education costs & numerous operational regulations, this is an industry that demands software solutions that are consistent with every unique culture. 

At Sujata, we recognize this challenge and provide a line of solutions that empower educational institutions of all scales through planning, design and pre/post-implementation. 

Sujata Computers solutions for firms serving the Engineering, Procurement and Construction industries span the entire project lifecycle from Business Development and Capture Management to Business Performance Management, Financial Management; Governance, Risk & Compliance, Human Capital Management, Project Management; Information Solutions; and Teaming Solutions.
Agility and precision at every turn – from command & control operations to logistics & information security.

With a team that comprises of industry veterans and insights on the opportunities that the Indian Defence industry has, Sujata provides –

The healthcare sector is a vast one and takes into account multiple verticals such as pharmacy, biotechnology, healthcare provision, insurance and research. Each of these verticals again is vast in itself and undergoes constant change.
Sujata is your ideal strategic partner – for automation, and achieving peak performance. 

We innovate, to improve integration across the value chain; and streamline operations to increase sales. 

For the telecom industry, the landscape is ever-evolving.
Every new-gen technology takes a short time to be taken over by another, and the same reflects in the customers’ demands. 

When an industry environment is this rapidly dynamic, QoS often takes a backseat.
Sujata helps in not letting this happen. 

Whether it is optimizing operational costs through service bundling or increasing accuracy & timely delivery with our ITIL based SLA Driven Managed Services approach – we provide technology solutions that are truly, end-to-end. 

We merge industry knowledge, with technology expertise – to provide solutions that meet our clients’ needs. 

Sujata understands validation requirements for the full spectrum of the pharmaceutical industry.

There is no industry with more cut-throat a competition, than Real Estate.

With ever-changing consumer demands, increasing operational costs and augmenting global competition – a leading-edge has become more than necessary. 

Sujata helps you gain this leading-edge by providing sophisticated solutions, that can manage the complete real-estate lifecycle – 

Sujata Computers provides flexible and sophisticated solutions to efficiently manage your entire supply chain. We have successfully helped industry-leading companies achieve better integration with warehouse management, improve system capabilities for dynamic pricing, get real-time reporting of cash flow and profitability, and reduce discrepancies in inventory valuation due to different units of measures. 
Our portfolio of supply-chain software is based entirely on understanding.
An understanding of the challenges posed by the industry of transportation and logistics –

Managing shipments, resources & documents
Running business processes that run far beyond the edge of your enterprise
And working with numerous trading partners

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