Software Asset Management (SAM)

Software Asset Management

Sujata’s implementation services help organisations to gain control over their IT assets via a program focused on savings and a rigid SAM structure.

SAM Overview

It’s no secret that managing software assets can be a challenge. Multiple stakeholders are involved in the purchase, installation, deployment, maintenance, utilization, and disposal of software. The technologies involved are complex and constantly changing. Deloitte performs hundreds of license baseline reviews per year, and Sujata have implemented Software Asset Management (SAM) programs for end-user organizations. As a neutral third party, Sujata provide a truly objective perspective on monitoring and governing software assets, helping companies obtain the accurate information they need to optimally license their IT landscape.

Possible Challenges for Organizations

Many organizations may lack the skills, resources and budget to implement a complex SAM program. Seeking a simple fix, some companies often rely solely on a SAM tool. But technology solutions alone are incomplete, falling short of sustainable management and leaving the organization open to operational, financial and security risks.

Benefits of SAM

An ongoing SAM program can help:

  • Realize cost savings (which can be re-invested to make a SAM program self-funding)
  • Improve your budgeting process and financial controls
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Gain and maintain long-term control over software assets

Software licenses and maintenance costs represent a significant portion of an organization’s Information Technology (IT) budget. Without managing your costs and software usage, you could be putting yourself at risk of:

  • Unplanned payments to software vendors for non-compliance, particularly as vendors increasingly rely on audits to meet revenue goals
  • Over-subscription—paying for more software licenses than you need, especially as your organization and environment change
  • Security threats, due to the use of unauthorized software or the inability to manage your IT assets

A software asset management (SAM) program can help you reduce these risks, while also optimizing the full lifecycle of your organization’s software assets.

Brief About Sujata’s SAM Practice

Sujata has developed a phased approach to assess and help manage organization’s software assets. The approach is aligned with the international standards on SAM (such as ISO 19770, ITIL SAM Best Practices) and also addresses the regulatory software compliance norms.

The Advisory Services team of Sujata will provide a detailed analysis of how your software assets are managed. Sujata will help you reduce license and maintenance costs as well as software purchase costs, mitigate risks on license compliance, increase overall productivity and help your company do better overall IT planning.

The SAM service can be expected to meet the following objectives of an organization:

  • Identify opportunities to reduce costs by reallocating / removing under-utilized software
  • Improve vendor management by structuring better commercial terms for software assets
  • Improve management practices by addressing software asset compliance risks

Sujata’s SAM advisory services broadly comprise the following:

  • Assistance in implementation of ISO 19770 standard
  • Evaluation and selection of software tool for SAM implementation
  • Benchmarking / alignment of SAM against Infrastructure Optimization Model
  • Software License Optimization

Why Sujata for SAM

Sujata can help you with the report of deployment of software across your organization with the use of appropriate tools. It can lead to better procurement decisions. Sujata can also buy back your old licenses, just like an old car that you want to do away with.

Sujata knows the ins and outs of SAM. Sujata helped write the SAM standards, developed a distinct methodology and approach, and perform hundreds of license baseline reviews per year. Sujata have also implemented SAM programs for numerous end-user organizations. As a neutral third party, Sujata provide a truly objective perspective on monitoring and governing software assets.

Sujata’s skilled practitioners can assist you in managing the multi-layered complexity of SAM programs, from focused diagnostics and vendor baselines to full SAM implementations. Sujata offer a distinct approach that encompasses not just tools, but also people and processes—helping you put the right skill sets, accountability and governance in place to effectively manage your software assets throughout the entire lifecycle

Advantages of SAM

A comprehensive SAM strategy can lead to overall business efficiency, including:

  • Long term strategic benefits for both software publishers and end-users
  • Perspectives of both software publishers and end-users of SAM
  • Eliminate or reallocate underused software licenses
  • Avoid over-deployment of software and untimely expenditure
  • Avoid paying damages for noncompliance and potential unexpected software costs

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