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Sujata Computers - Autodesk ResellerSujata’s Volume Software Licensing for Autodesk and AutoCAD® Computer-Aided Design. Autodesk offers industry-leading solutions for Architecture, Engineering and Construction, Civil Infrastructure, Media and Entertainment, Product Design and Manufacturing.

Volume Software Licensing Options

Choose from several levels of volume software licensing options for Autodesk (desktop subscriptions or perpetual):

  • Desktop Subscription — A pay-as-you-go option that reduces up-front costs and maximizes value over time for a low quarterly or annual price.
  • Commercial — Ideal for individual as well as large company users.
  • Government — Ideal for Federal, State and Local government entities.
  • Education — Autodesk provides free and low-cost software to students and education institutes

Autodesk provides two main types of licenses –

  • Stand-alone Licenses

A stand-alone license supports one or more Autodesk products for an individual user and computer. For most Autodesk products, a copy can be installed on a second computer for “non-concurrent usage”, meaning the two copies cannot run at the same time. This allows for use of your Autodesk product on your work computer as well as your personal computer at home for example.

  • Network Licenses

A network license supports the use of Autodesk products up to a maximum number of users or “seats”, who are connected to a server network. The products can be installed on as many computers as desired; however, at any one time, can only run on the maximum number of computers for which licenses have been purchased. Because you can install the products on more systems than the number of licenses purchased, you get true floating licenses across your entire organization.

Sujata’s CAD/CAM Services

Sujata team provides a high expertise skill and experience, 3D modeling tools and visualization techniques. We are able to proffer fast, reliable and trustworthy service exclusive quality of our work. The secret to our achievement is working together with our clients to facilitate their market and, services so they can consume more time on what they do best.

Sujata team can generate CAD drawings from any format such as hand-drawn documents, tiff files or any other image files and we will convert it to a .dwg file using AutoCAD.

Sujata team can also produce mechanical assembly drawings for all types of mechanical assemblies, auto components designs and then transform them into completely accurate multi-layer mechanical drawings. Sujata are dedicated to give you the most excellent mechanical design and drafting conversion results at very competitive prices.

Sujata team can work on several image formats such as IMG, JPEG, PCX, PDF, PICT, GIF, TIFF, etc. and convert them into completely editable multi-layer mechanical drawing formats. If you provide your mechanical design and mechanical drafting projects, Sujata can work on them and have your completed mechanical designs or drawings sent back to you in time-bound manner. Sujata’s team can help with architectural, product, electrical and mechanical engineering design and drafting services.

Autodesk Subscription Benefits

  • Access to the latest software releases — You have a competitive edge when you’re always up-to-date.
  • Previous version rights — Use both previous and current versions of desktop software to deliver your projects.
  • Home use rights — Enjoy the flexibility of using your software at home or the office.
  • Autodesk® 360 cloud benefits — Increase mobility, improve collaboration and optimize your designs.
  • Basic support — Take advantage of community support forums, one-on-one Autodesk web support and Autodesk online support, including a knowledge base. You can explore help documents, tutorials, training videos and explore an extensive collection of Autodesk technical solutions and community support forum threads.

You also can choose Advanced Support, which provides one-on-one telephone and web access to senior Autodesk support specialists. Take advantage of unlimited high-priority, extended access to global phone support, remote desktop assistance, and prioritized web support options.

Autodesk License Compliance

Sujata as a 3rd Party will help customers to optimize the Autodesk’s software licenses asset. Sujata team can help clients avoid the misuse and over deployment of Autodesk software. Please feel free to call Sujata team in case you require help settling the issues of Autodesk license non-compliance state. Non-compliance state could be because of pirated software being used or software being over-deployed unintentionally in the organization.

Sujata’s Autodesk Licensing Support

  • Sujata provides Installation, deployment and licensing support
  • Sujata helps activate and re-activate clients’ Autodesk licenses
  • Sujata helps sign beneficial licensing agreements with Autodesk

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