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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) remains the Gordian knot of workplace technology. While firms have tried to label and co-opt the unstoppable propensity of employees to use their own devices for work as a way of cutting the business’s technology costs, they are paying in other ways.

Mobility offers any device, any time, any place productivity appealing to both enterprises and employees. But that same flexibility comes with challenges – protecting corporate data on devices, separating personal and corporate information, managing diverse operating systems, and preventing devices and apps from becoming another attack vector. Rather than rely on multiple point products, Symantec™ Mobility: Suite offers a unified solution of control that enforces consistent security standards, regardless of device type, without impeding the end-user’s productivity or personal privacy.

Mobility Suite simplifies mobility management, integrating mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM), mobile content management (MCM) and mobile threat protection into one comprehensive, single console solution. Whether your environment is standardized on corporate-owned devices, allows a choose your own device (CYOD) program, embraces bring your own device (BYOD), or manages a mix of these options, Mobility Suite makes it easier for enterprises to master security while maximizing productivity.

Support MDM

Sujata helps you migrate from legacy devices and enterprise mobility management software. Sujata offers solution services for implementation, training and maintenance of Symantec EMS.

Symantec Mobility Suite includes comprehensive, scalable MDM capabilities, providing visibility and control over iOS, Android and Windows® Phone smartphones and tablets. You can easily enroll devices in your enterprise environment, configure and update device settings over-the-air, and protect mobile devices with certificate-based security. You can prevent non-compliant devices (such as jailbroken/rooted devices or devices missing required apps) from connecting to corporate assets, helping ensure compliance to internal and external security requirements.

Support Personal Devices (BYOD)

Symantec’s Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) offers MDM that is suitable and controls enterprise owned devices as well as employees’ devices so that employees do not need to carry two or more devices at work. MDM executes intelligence based on the enterprise policies configured at the device level. It is suited for the scenarios where enterprise policy or rule has to be applied on selective applications or to application specific data. It can control, monitor health and performance of each application at individual level.

Support for Mobile App Management (MAM) features

1. Auditing, Monitoring and Reporting

Mobile Insight is an in-depth mobile app analysis tool that shows users an app’s reputation and security status, monitors access to personal information, and even shows the impact of the app on the device’s battery. It will afford users a more secure app management experience.

Symantec provides customizable real-time reports to help enterprises plan and revise their mobile strategies. Symantec Mobile Management provides exact details of enterprise mobile assets at all times by leveraging built-in dashboards, reports and alerts. Comprehensive user, device, app, and profile details are available for additional custom reports as well.

2. Certificate and Credential Distribution, Device and Data Encryption, Password Policy, Remote Wipe / Lock, VPN Support

Symantec Secure Email encrypt smartphone e-mail and regulate copy-paste ability, enable monitoring of secure app usage. Symantec Enterprise Mobility Suite offers authentication with time-saving features such as single sign-on, whereby employees can use the same credentials to log into a laptop and other corporate systems.

Single sign-on also makes it easy for a user to move from app to app without re-authenticating every time an app is opened. It facilitates network access for email, VPN or Wi-Fi.

Policy options (e.g. passwords, remote wipe, app restrictions) can be targeted to specific users/ groups and corporate vs personal devices.

3. Support for Multiple Operating Systems

Visibility and control of iOS, Windows® and Android™ platforms The Mobility Device Management (MDM) module of Symantec™: Mobility Suite offers a centralized system for device management and data security for the complex and heterogeneous mobile device landscape that enterprises must manage today.

4. Real Time Device Monitoring, GPS Location Information

Tracking users - Mobile spy apps track activity on a mobile device. They collect texts and call logs, monitor GPS coordinates, record calls, and grab photos and videos. The volume of user-tracking incidents increased in 2013 from 15 percent to 30 percent, indicating that this type of user data is becoming more commercially valuable to hackers.

Symantec’s Norton Mobile Insight helps watch and protect the organization from these threats.  By performing real-time static and dynamic analysis combined with machine learning, Norton Mobile Insight understands an apps behavior and the risks involved in keeping an app on a device

5. Port Control – WiFi, Camera, Bluetooth & Threat Protection

Symantec allows enterprise to decide to enable or disable WiFi, Bluetooth and camera of the device.
Mobility Suite provides powerful, effective protection against malicious threats and unauthorized access to sensitive corporate information. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, research, and intelligence from Norton Mobile Insight and Symantec Security Technology and Response (STAR) experts, the suite protects Android devices from privacy and performance risks, mobile malware and fraudulent websites.

6. Application Distribution (In-House Apps & 3rd Party Public Apps)

  • To create enterprise app store to make apps available to users

App Center simplifies mobile management with a single, integrated web-based console that allows IT to centrally manage devices, apps, content and mobile security.

App Management: Symantec App Center makes it easy for enterprises to deploy apps to mobile devices through an enterprise app store. Enterprises can wrap apps in a matter of minutes, without any code changes or developer resources. Symantec has partnered with ISVs to create a relevant, trusted, enterprise-ready app ecosystem -- Symantec Sealed Marketplace.

Content Management: App Center provides a simple way to distribute content to end-user mobile devices. IT can distribute documents and multimedia content in different file formats and apply appropriate file-level security policies.

Network Management: App Center controls access to corporate resources via a secure app proxy and a secure email proxy. The secure app proxy protects data in transit with per-app SSL, FIPS 140-2 tunnels, separating corporate and personal traffic and simplifying compliance by controlling app communication without requiring a device-level VPN or firewall modifications. App Center can also enforce a secure SSL connection for wrapped apps and block the apps from going to unauthorized or malicious websites.

Mobile Security Management: With App Center, IT can centrally manage and distribute mobile security to Android devices. Administrators can set threat compliance requirements and remediation actions; they can also get a snapshot of threats detected.

  • Manage corporate apps and data separately from users’ personal apps and data

App Center protects corporate apps and data are protected using a technology that wraps a layer of security and policy management around mobile apps, without developer resources or source code changes. This technology provides granular data protection policy controls that can be applied on a per-app basis. Policies include user authentication, document sharing, copy/paste restrictions, offline access, controlling local data storage and encryption, secure app connectivity and SSL connection certificate management, and more. A secure app proxy protects data in transit with per-app SSL, FIPS 140-2 tunnels, without requiring device-level VPN or firewall modifications.

App Center enables self-service distribution of apps and content to end users, who can view only the apps they are authorized to use based on their roles. Apps can be revoked quickly and securely when employees leave the organization or devices are no longer active, with or without managing the mobile device.

App Center also integrates market leading mobile security that protects Android devices from malware, greyware, privacy risks, performance risks and other malicious threats.

App Center provides separation of personal and corporate data on devices, allowing IT to enforce policies at an app level without infringing on user privacy or impacting the native user experience. Business and personal apps coexist; end users do not need to switch back and forth between a "business" and a "personal" persona on the same device. App Center provides a flexible way of administering device and app-level policies to the relevant groups of users in an organization. App Center also has the ability to revoke individual apps or content should this be required, or wipe all enterprise apps and data whilst leaving personal data alone.

Blacklisting or Whitelisting User-Installed Applications

Symantec Work Hub provides a customizable enterprise app store to easily distribute in-house or third-party apps to employees and other authorized users, such as contractors or partners. Users can view only the apps they are authorized to use based upon their roles. Employees, contractors, and partners can be confident about which apps are approved for corporate use. Users can rate and review apps, while administrators can get reports on app downloads.

Symantec Mobile Management keeps enterprise mobile ecosystem safe with policy driven blacklisting. In addition to preventing unauthorized backup of corporate apps, policy options also allow blocking and revocation of blacklisted apps and corresponding devices from the enterprise.

About Sujata & Symantec

As a Symantec’s Security Specialized Partner, Sujata understands the need of the data security and industry-specific regulation compliances and helps clients protects from the threats. Sujata’s experts guide clients which solution works better as per client’s requirement and budget.

Symantec is one of the most trusted brands in the world for data security solutions and Sujata brings expertise to implement it end-to-end.  

Most enterprises have multiple mobile initiatives spread across the organization – some focused on mobile email, some focused on mobile apps, and others focused on mobile content. Symantec provides a comprehensive enterprise mobility portfolio. Symantec allows enterprises to choose the appropriate level of management and security required for different use cases in the enterprise: personally owned devices, corporate owned devices, actively managed and unmanaged devices. Symantec brings advanced encryption, authentication, data loss prevention, and threat prevention technologies to mobile devices. With protection at devices, application and data layers, Symantec provides corporate compliance without compromising end user privacy.

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