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Symantec Mobility Suite

Symantec has the broadest set of technologies in a single solution to securely enable a mobile workforce. Symantec supports management at the device, app, and data level to solve data protection problems while improving the experience for users.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) remains the Gordian knot of workplace technology. While firms have tried to label and co-opt the unstoppable propensity of employees to use their own devices for work as a way of cutting the business’s technology costs, they are paying in other ways.

Support MDM

  1. Migrate from legacy devices

Support Personal Devices (BYOD)
Support Corporate Owned Devices
Integration with Other Enterprise Applications and Management Platforms

Symantec App Center provides integrated management and protection of devices, apps, content and mobile security/threat protection. It supports iOS and Android, allowing users to choose the device they want while letting IT secure corporate apps and data on the device.

App Center integrates with enterprise systems including email (Exchange, Office 365, others), authentication services (Microsoft Active Directory/LDAP, SAML Kerberos), certificates and PKI services (Symantec MPKI), and Cisco ISE. In addition, App Center provides integration APIs that allow for more integration with existing IT infrastructure and systems.

Support for Mobile App Management (MAM) features

  1. Auditing, Monitoring and Reporting
  2. Certificate and Credential Distribution, Device and Data Encryption, Password Policy, Remote Wipe / Lock, VPN Support
  3. Compliance for Regulated Industries
  4. Support for Multiple Operating Systems
  5. Support Personal Devices or Multiple Devices Per User
  6. Device Provisioning and Managing Configuration Settings
  7. Real Time Device Monitoring, GPS Location Information
  8. Port Control – WiFi, Camera & Bluetooth
  9. Application Distribution (In-House Apps & Public Apps)
  • To create enterprise app store to make apps available to users
  • Manage corporate apps and data separately from users’ personal apps and data

Blacklisting or Whitelisting User-Installed Applications

Sujata and XYZ vendor

  1. File syncing, document editing and collaboration
  2. Provide consistent management capabilities across different types of devices

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