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Sujata is a Microsoft Gold Certified Cloud Productivity Partner and a Deployment Partner. Sujata can provide solution services to collaboration tools, Exchange - email, Skype - IM, video and audio chat, SharePoint Intranet Sites, Microsoft Delve, Microsoft Yammer – internal social network, Power BI and Dynamics CRM Online.

Sujata has an experience and expertise in creating Microsoft Office 365 Online or Hybrid solution architecture with the in-depth understanding of business problems and needs.

Office 365 is a service that brings a comprehensive Microsoft solution to all size of organizations, through a hosted system that delivers Microsoft Exchange and Office applications. This cloud-based solution eliminates the burden of investing in capital and technical staff required to deploy a full Microsoft solution on-site.

Teamwork in the Cloud for Better Real-time Collaboration

Work increasingly occurs outside of offices—in homes, hotels, airports, coffee shops, and other temporary spaces. As a result, the trend is moving toward greater mobility and there is a need for more efficient collaboration across the web and across devices to bring people closer. The rise of mobile technology and cloud computing has transformed the way we work, making collaboration not only easier, but also essential for the success of every organization.

Office 365 is built for collaboration. Office 365 offers the ability to get the optimal experience regardless of your location or device by delivering improved productivity with low training costs. Today, more than 1 billion users choose Office, Skype, Yammer and OneDrive every day to communicate, collaborate and get work done. Office 365 helps organizations improve collaboration by transforming the corporate intranet into a social network that cuts through hierarchies to improve executive-employee connections and eliminate barriers created by physical distance, time zones and workers using multiple devices.

Collaboration is the key to the success of any business.  All size of businesses, stand to benefit from improved collaboration, as this can lead to better innovation, culture, communication and more productivity.  Such improvements require changes in some of your business’ operations, and Microsoft offers the most complete set of productivity services currently available, which spans messaging, conferencing and telephony, social collaboration, content management and compliance, big data analysis and visualization.

Better Collaboration with Less Email Clutter

You can use Microsoft Office 365 – Exchange Onilne to configure your domain, configure it with Outlook for offline email access and you can share your contacts and calendar with your team members. Exchange boasts a Clutter Inbox that identifies your important incoming messages and separates them out from everything else. This increases your efficiency by cutting down on email clutter to allow you to focus on what is important to you.  In addition, the Office365 app connects with other cloud apps to improve collaboration. Audit and reporting insights for Drive content and sharing are possible.

David Peterson, Enterprise Collaboration Manager at Trek Bicycles, a global leader in bicycles and related gear realized the need for a tool that would help sales representatives at the company communicate, collaborate, and achieve their goals while using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. He introduced Yammer to enable people to collaborate within Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online—replacing email and instant messaging for certain workgroups. Yammer helped improve collaboration within the development team. Steve Novoselac, Trek’s Business Intelligence and .NET Development Manager says, “Things were getting done because everyone had a new kind of awareness of what was going on in the group.”

According to Daniel Roach-Rooke, IT infrastructure manager for sports car manufacturer Aston Martin, by adopting Office 365 the Aston Martin IT department has been able to provide employees with the latest communications and collaboration capabilities, which they use to continue their pursuit of automotive perfection: “Office 365 gives our employees the technology they need to drive the business forward.”

Better Collaboration on Projects with File Sharing

Microsoft allows you to collaborate all your project content through Microsoft Project Online, Microsoft CRM Online, Microsoft SharePoint Online and Microsoft OneDrive. All the data can be synchronized and can be kept at one location and can be made available to all the team members so they have access to old and latest files.

Wherever and whenever you need access to your work files, Microsoft OneDrive provides unlimited storage in cloud. Employees can move seamlessly between their work and personal accounts while maintaining safety controls. Store all your files online in highly secured Microsoft Data Centers and access them anywhere from your PC/Mac, Android™ tablet, iPad®, or phone that has web browser — share files even with people who don’t use Microsoft OneDrive. You can share files inside and outside your company. You always control access. Users can scan documents with mobile device cameras and easily convert them to PDF files.

No more emailing documents around and losing track of the latest version. Easily add, respond to, and track comments and status updates on one version of the document.

Keep project emails and shared documents together in one place with a project-specific mailbox only team members can access, so no time is wasted searching for what you need.

Microsoft OneDrive syncs with your folder and pushes data in the cloud when you are connected to the internet. You can read, edit and share files with people outside of your organization or within the organization or with select few people.

Document Collaboration and Co-authoring

Document collaboration is a critical element to working effectively as a team in your enterprise. The combination of SharePoint and Office offers a spectrum of document collaboration methods, whether it is co-authoring a spreadsheet or routing a business plan through a workflow. Understanding the ways you can collaborate on documents is vital to making the best choice for your needs and improving your productivity as an information worker.

Office Online applications:  Word Online, PowerPoint Online and Excel Online. And because Office Online saves as you go, everyone on your team can see changes to text and formatting as they happen, so you can all stay on the same page as your work evolves. Best of all, it doesn’t matter whether you and your teammates are working on the web, a desktop or laptop computer, a Windows tablet or iPad, or another mobile device. Every change will be synced in the document, automatically saved on OneDrive, and made visible to the team.

However you collaborate on your documents, the days of forwarding attachments in e-mail are history. From this day forward, you never need to pass your document around, and then struggle with the reconciliation of version conflicts, the manual merging and coordinating of changes, the tracking down of who has done what, and the locating of the most up-to-date version.

Using Office Online for real-time co-authoring and collaboration also means you don’t have to worry about losing full file fidelity or document formatting and being forced to reformat. It’s a different story if you try to use Office documents in Google Drive, because Google Drive converts the Office file to a non-standard document format and you often lose the formatting. Fonts, spacing, the whole layout of the document may be different, and much of your previous work is often undone. With Office Online, it doesn’t matter which browsers you and your team members are using. Everyone can make as many changes and suggestions as they want, without worrying about losing the full Office file fidelity or document formatting.

Talk to Team sujata to configure co-authoring and to provide training.

Better Collaboration with People via Chat & Video

Microsoft Skype for Business allows your organization to chat within and outside of your organization. Skype also helps to setup online meetings or record the video chat.

It’s easy to meet and connect online from wherever you are on whatever device works best. It will save travel time and travel costs. So you can get more done and keep your projects on budget.

Wherever you are - in the office, on the road, or with a client or supplier, Video meetings can be quick and easy and an effective way to do business.

Set up online meetings in advance or on the fly. Or use Outlook to join active meetings fast

You can see who is online in Outlook and send an instant message when you want to ask a quick question or send a piece of information fast, just take a quick look to see who’s online, send them an instant message, and get a response fast.  Or choose voice or video one-on-one meetings. Call through your PC to other Skype for Business or Skype users in your organization or in other organizations that use Skype for Business or Skype.

You can also connect with Skype users, when you want to connect immediately with co-workers or people in other organizations that use Skype, IM is there.

Microsoft Skype for Business is available on any device, this app fuels the desire for seamless collaboration, allowing users to live text, video chat and migrate between text and video. It also syncs conversations so you can keep tabs on where conversations begin and end and how far along in the conversation other people have read.  HD video puts you—and up to 250 people—all at the same table. It’s a smart way to share information from multiple locations to keep you on target, on schedule, and on budget. With one-click screen sharing and real-time note taking, everyone is in sync and knows what they need to know.

Such functionality has made massive waves in the enterprise communications world.

Features of Office 365 E-mail & Calendar

Office 365 syncs emails, calendars, and contact information across your devices in real time. So it’s up to date, no matter what device is in your hand. Calendars sharing can let you see when people are free or busy at any time. Scheduling is easy and—as much as possible—hassle free and from anywhere.

If you lose your phone, don’t panic. With Office 365, you can wipe your data from it remotely to prevent unauthorized access to your information.

To build your brand, you can use your own domain name with your email accounts, so every time you send a message, your business name is featured.

In some plans, you have archiving capabilities for legal discovery and compliance, plus eDiscovery to identify, hold, and analyze data across your business.

Spend your time communicating—not managing email accounts, worrying about how to protect your email, or slogging through an inbox cluttered with ads. With a simplified admin center and built-in security, Office 365 takes the work out of managing your email.

You can access the admin center from anywhere to set up new user emails, restore recently deleted accounts, create custom scripts, and more.

Better Collaboration with Embedded Communications

Embedded communications seamlessly integrates real time communications like messaging, presence, click-to-call, call routing, location awareness and mobility with Microsoft Office 365. By incorporating these communication tools with Microsoft Office 365 you can manage all your critical communications from Exchange.

Sujata provides integration solution with 3rd party customized tools which converts Microsoft Office 365 into your communications hub giving you tools to easily connect and collaborate with others. You can access and manage your voicemail from your Exchange-Outlook inbox, escalate voice messages to live voice call or video meetings, check the availability of others before you contact them, click and call any phone number, route calls based on your free/busy status in Microsoft Outlook calendar and share your location, as well as see the location of others in real time on Bing Maps.

Enterprise Social Network to Improve Collaboration

To enhance collaboration even more, the Yammer enterprise social network works seamlessly with Office 365, which offers you the power of social engagement and interaction along with the familiar, rich experience of Office, the world’s most widely used productivity suite. Yammer also provides a way for you to create meaningful interactions beyond the walls of your organization. It only takes a few minutes to set up an external network, which is accessible using a single sign-on, making it easy for you to create partner and customer networks.

Another great collaboration tool is Office Delve – its ability to share and connect with others—discovering the right information at the right time makes things efficient for people. Office Delve is a new way to discover relevant information and connections from across your work life. Delve displays information that is most relevant for each person based on the work they are doing and the people with whom they are engaging. With Delve, information finds you versus you having to find information.

Discover why Office 365 can be better for collaboration

While Office 365 offers you tremendous flexibility and a number of different ways to collaborate, Google takes a one-solution-for-all approach to collaboration. Instead of tailoring its productivity tools to fit your needs as Microsoft does, Google forces you to adapt to the tools by providing two fixed product offerings to the users.

The Google productivity apps don’t offer the rich features that enterprise organizations need. Microsoft, on the other hand, extends the familiar Office experience from the desktop to the cloud and on multiple devices, so you never have to compromise or lower your expectations.

Unlimited Archival | 24x7 Support | 99.9% Up-time SLA | Privacy

Microsoft does not use your data for advertising and you have control over the privacy of your data. Microsoft also gives out the information to its clients where the data reside and who all have an access to it making the operations transparent.

Microsoft Office 365 also gives you an option for opting for Unlimited Archival where you can store your old emails or emails that are not frequently accessed so that you can focus only on the data that is required by you.  You can archive all emails that are sent by your company. You will not need to worry if your employee deletes the emails and leaves the company, Google will ensure that you can still prevent loss of any data.

You can define message retention policies and also, place and enforce litigation holds on inboxes so that you are meeting variety of compliances and industry regulation.

Sujata will be your first point of contact for support for any queries with Google Apps and you can also take direct support from Microsoft which is available for 24x7.

You’ll have industry-leading anti-malware protection and anti-spam filtering to guard your email from those ever-present mail threats.

Microsoft Office 365 is a global service and Microsoft tries to meet continuous compliance commitment to evolve the Office 365 controls and stay up to date with standards and regulations that apply to your industry and geography. Because regulations often share the same or similar controls, this makes it easier for Microsoft to meet the requirements of new regulations or those specific to your organization and industry.

About Sujata and Microsoft Office 365

As a Microsoft Gold Certified and Cloud Deployment Partner, Sujata promotes collaboration solution to meet your business requirement and to help you grow your business by helping your employees connect well with each other as well as with your customers.

Sujata helps customer with the migration services, configuration and installation services. Sujata also believes in providing free of cost training and consulting on how-to-use Microsoft Office 365 effectively.

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