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Sujata is a Microsoft Azure Circle and Cloud Accelerator Partner with Deployment capabilities. Sujata provide solution on Microsoft’s Cloud for Data Protection and Storage Management. Sujata provides cost-effective licensing solutions, implementation, and migration and maintenance services. Sujata recommends Azure for On-premise, Hybrid and Cloud environment data protection.

Azure is an Internet-scale computing and services platform hosted in data centers managed or supported by Microsoft. It includes many separate features with corresponding developer services which can be used individually or together.

Power of Backing up to Azure Data is the heart of any organization and backing up this data is a key part of a business strategy. Azure Backup is a scalable solution with zero capital investment and minimal operational expense. With the optional integration with System Center Data Protection Manager, you can protect advanced workloads running in your datacenter in VMs or on physical servers.

Why use Azure Backup?

If you’ve used a tape backup solution then some of these challenges will feel familiar:

  • Backup size has grown, need to get a new tape drive with increased capacity
  • Backup size has grown too much, need to delete some old files or find specialised software to manage this
  • You need to rotate tapes offsite to mitigate any disasters in the local server room or datacentre – e.g. fire, flood, and earthquake.
  • You need to restore files, but it will take a couple of days to find and return the correct tape from offsite location

Addressing these challenges is usually either costly, or slow. Engaging a service to rotate tapes to a secure location is often both costly and slow. Using Azure Backup as a solution can potentially eliminate some of these problems. Here’s why:

  • Historical backups are always available online, geo-replicated which ensures 6 copies of your data across two Azure datacentres, and with a 99.99% SLA with Microsoft. Sujata provide training, guidance and services with direct connect to Microsoft backend support team.
  • Restoring a file can be done quickly, directly from the cloud, using familiar software on your on-premises server
  • You don’t need to ‘upgrade’ your equipment due to growing backup capacity requirements.  There is no limit to the total amount of data you can backup to Azure rather it is elastically increased or decreased and you pay only for the services that you use.

Protect Your Critical Assets Wherever They Are Your data and applications are everywhere – on servers, clients, and in the cloud. Azure Backup can protect your critical applications including Microsoft’s workloads such as SharePoint, Exchange, SQL, files and folders, Windows Servers, Windows Clients, and Azure IaaS VMs along with 3rd party workloads. Compelling Alternative to Tape Due to business or compliance requirements, organizations are required to protect their data for years and over time this data grows exponentially. Traditionally, tape has been used for long-term retention. Azure Backup provides a compelling alternative to tape with significant cost savings, shorter recovery times, and up to 99 years of retention. Secure and Always Available Azure Backup stores three copies of your data in three different locations in the Azure Datacenter and another three copies in an Azure datacenter in a remote location. Data is encrypted before it leaves your datacenter, sent over a secure connection to Azure, and stored encrypted in Azure. Efficient and Flexible Once the initial seeding is complete, only incremental changes are sent based on a defined schedule. Built-in compression helps limit network utilization and throttling shapes the network traffic.

Azure Integrated Backup Solution

  • Azure Backup protects your data in the cloud and optionally can be integrated with System Center Data Protection Manager for advanced workload protection.
  • Data protection schedules can be daily, monthly, weekly, and yearly with retention up to 99 years in Azure
  • Protects workloads running in Azure, in VMs, or on physical servers
  • Centralized monitoring and reporting across on premises and Azure

Advanced Workload Protection

  • Protects files and folders from Windows Servers and Windows Clients
  • Integrates with SCDPM protects enterprise workloads including SharePoint, Exchange, SQL Server, and Hyper-V VMs
  • Protects guest workloads running in VMware environments
  • DPM works seamlessly with the Hyper-V Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS) writer to ensure that consistent versions of virtual machines are captured and protected without affecting virtual machine access
  • Granular restore capability such as mailbox recovery for Exchange, DB level recovery for SQL, and ILR for SharePoint

Offline Seeding

Initial backups can be time-consuming and consume large amounts of bandwidth. With Azure Import/Export, the initial backup can be executed locally and then the physical media can be delivered to the nearest Azure datacenter. Sujata will take care of shipping the data and migration of data for you.

Automated, Reliable, and Secure

  • Scheduling: Customers can specify daily, weekly, monthly and yearly policies
  • Retention: Data can be retained in Azure for up to 99 years
  • Throttling: Network throttling can be configured so that optimal bandwidth usage happens during off-peak time
  • Incremental: After the initial seeding, backups are incremental, ensuring that resources such as storage and bandwidth are efficiently used
  • Compression: Data is compressed on the client side so there is less bandwidth consumption and less storage consumed
  • Secure: Data is encrypted in your datacenter and stored encrypted in Azure – the encryption key is stored and managed locally
  • Reliable: 3 copies of the data are stored to a single datacenter location and optionally at an additional, remote datacenter

Central Monitoring and Reporting

System Center Operations Manager monitors all of your DPM servers for an enterprise view of data protection, health status, resource usage, performance trends, and root cause analysis. Powerful reporting infrastructure can be used to generate data-rich, custom reports and dashboards across DPM servers from a single pane of glass.

Sujata - Microsoft Support Services

Sujata is a Azure-Circle and Cloud Accelerator Microsoft partner to support Microsoft Azure family product and can provide up to 24x7 off-site or on-site support for 365 days. Microsoft Azure Subscription can be bought along with the support subscription for 24x7 in local language for both online and phone support. Under support subscription, client can also upgrade the version of workloads subscribed in Azure to the latest and take an advantage of new features and capabilities. Client can decide which issues to classify as “Severity 1” situations in support to get instant help.

About Sujata and Microsoft Partnership

Sujata is a specialized data backup and recovery Microsoft Azure partner and has experience working with small, medium and large organizations. Sujata’s support team has certified and skilled engineers who can help clients resolve issues without the need to wait for Microsoft to respond to the problems.

Microsoft Azure data protection solutions offer a simplified user experience that helps deliver superior business outcomes. Microsoft is using applied analytics to make backup and storage management software more intelligent, so users can deliver global data avail-ability. Microsoft continues to innovate its Cloud, bringing first-to-market capabilities—built on a solid foundation of trusted technology—to increasingly complex backup and recovery environments.

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