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Sujata is a certified Amazon Web Services Solution and Services Provider. Sujata’s ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2015 standard practices ensure clients get quality services on Amazon Web Services. For more than 15 years, Sujata have provided products, services and skills for the complete range of Amazon’s hardware and software solutions.

More Choices With Sujata As Service Provider For Amazon Web Services

Sujata’s IaaS Managed Services is designed to provide infrastructure as a service (IaaS) with a full stack of integrated managed services to support business growth. Amazon’s high-performance, security-rich, production ready cloud environment is built with enterprise-class Amazon hardware and software, helping to reduce your need to invest additional capital. You can reduce resource provisioning times for deploying production ready virtual machines from months to days, accelerating application deployment lead times. Sujata’s enterprise architecture expertise on Amazon Web Services, combined with vast experience with managed services, can help you gets started and use a more reliable cloud-computing foundation to help run your most important applications and workloads—from SAP, SAP HANA and Oracle applications; to best-of-breed commerce and analytics; to web hosting and development, test and production.

Helping You Tailor Cloud to Facilitate Differentiation, Improved Agility and Reliability

Sujata’s IaaS Managed Services is based on point-of-delivery (POD) design patterns—self-contained units of compute, storage and network capacity that can be shared across multiple clients using software partitioning, or that can be dedicated to a single client. As a result, we can provide more flexible, standard options that help you to tailor the cloud from both an IT and a service perspective.

Sujata helps you choose Amazon Cloud services from a catalog of operating system images, server configurations and SLAs to meet practically all your compute requirements. Amazon’s highly configurable platform enables you to right size your server environment from day one and scale as required. Not only extensive standard features, but also optional features are offered to configure your cloud to specific workload requirements. Optional features include managed firewalls, load balancing services, disk clustering support and disaster recovery services.

Faster Time to Value with A Fully Managed Cloud Infrastructure

Sujata helps you use enterprise-class features such as rapid service activation and deactivation; infrastructure monitoring and reporting; and security and patch management. Sujata also recommends the use of automated processes to help better manage compliance with security, performance and reliability standards appropriate to your business needs.

Simplifying Migration

Using Sujata’s time-tested methodologies, Sujata’s specialists develop a robust migration strategy to help accelerate your cloud transformation. Applying Sujata’s standardized and automated processes, it can work within tight deadlines and successfully reduce migration time from days to around few hours to help provide reduced disruption to your operations

Sujata’s Managed Services for Amazon Web Services

Sujata’s Amazon IaaS Managed Services enables businesses to migrate mission critical applications to a cloud without large up-front costs, lengthy deployment times or the need to redesign day-to-day IT management processes. Sujata’s Amazon Cloud Managed Services provides virtual machines that are fully managed up through the operating system, allowing you to focus on just your applications while Sujata handles the billing cycle and provide 24x7 or 8x5 monitoring over the optimum usage and Amazon handles the underlying infrastructure

Sujata’s service-level agreements (SLAs) cover managing the Amazon Web Services Cloud services for clients and ensure virtual machine availability up through the operating system, and are designed to align to your specific business requirements with different SLAs for production and nonproduction environments.

Sujata also can design and offer alternate site disaster recovery services with aggressive recovery point and recovery time objectives to help protect your most critical workloads on Amazon Cloud.

With the Amazon Web Services interconnect network, it can support your hybrid cloud initiatives by providing redundant, shared-private connectivity between the Sujata’s IaaS Managed Services and the Amazon Web Services cloud centers – Sujata can help you select right set of compute, migrate and configure the services and manage it for you.

Sujata’s Support

Sujata have in place a Direct Support Relationship with Amazon that allows Sujata and Amazon to pool resources of both Cloud experts in order to ensure fault resolution for mutual customers in as short a time as possible. Through the Shared Support model, Sujata are responsible for the service sales, contract administration and upgrades, and level I and II Technical Assistance Centre (TAC) support. Amazon then provides Sujata with required inputs, all of which Sujata administer on behalf of their customers.

Why Sujata for Cloud Infrastructure in Cloud (IaaS)?

Sujata is passionate about providing you with the most suitable solution.  As a vendor-neutral company Sujata will talk openly about vendors and solutions with no bias between options. Sujata’s priority will be to provide best-suitable solution for your business need and will provide you with the information you need to make a decision on the kit that best suits your network. None of our staff including sales staff are commissions driven so will not sell you something you do not require!

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