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Sujata believes in the independent and transparent way of doing business. Sujata know that to succeed, you need people products and a service you can count on. Sujata is one amongst the top Video Wall solution providers for Samsung Commercial Display LED Panels - LFDs in India.

Don’t let beautiful visuals get chopped up with gridlines from thick bezels. Sujata helps client install Samsung Video Wall Displays that have ultra-narrow bezels for a nearly seamless visual experience.

Sujata helps clients select Samsung Video Wall Displays have Advanced Color Management (ACM) features to adjust color levels across the video wall. In addition, all Samsung Displays are color calibrated at the factory to save the time and effort of managing color uniformity and white balance during installation.

Since Sujata designs and build our displays in-house, Sujata can offer cost-effective videowall solutions to fit almost any budget. For basic functionality, our UD Series displays enable virtually seamless video walls at an affordable price. They also have onboard processors and storage for basic playback without the need to attach a separate PC or media player, while LED technology provides low energy consumption.

Samsung Offers Three Different Deployment Options:

Basic: Simple Playback without Scheduling

Intermediate: Various Content Playback with Scheduling

Advanced: Various Content, IP Camera, and Multi-PC Playback with Scheduling

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