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Lifesize- Video Conference Solutions

Sujata Computers - LifeSize video conference solutionLifesize Communications, a division of Logitech, is a pioneer in high definition video conferencing for business. As the world leader of high definition video communications, Lifesize understands how companies connect. Sujata, Channel Partner of Lifesize has been working with Lifesize since 2008. 

Sujata provides a full portfolio of professional services including pre and post-sales support, needs analysis and installation. Sujata also has a large portfolio of Lifesize demonstration facilities that can be utilised to test for yourselves. Sujata is vendor-neutral solution provider and recommends solution that suits the clients best.

Lifesize Video Conferencing Solution with Sujata

As a Lifesize Specialized Partner in Video Conferencing, Sujata helps clients build a comprehensive approach to information protection that embraces today’s cloud- and mobile-centered realities.

If your business wants to optimize how your teams meet and collaborate, Lifesize video conferencing solutions give you the most convenient high-performance solutions out there. Unlike other solutions, Lifesize works like you do. There are no virtual meeting rooms or complex IT administration to deal with. You simply get one solution that everyone can use to experience the conference room everywhere.

Do a video conferencing comparison and you will quickly see that no other solution provides the ease, quality and lifelike experience that Lifesize does. With Lifesize, you get one comprehensive solution rather than a system that combines many video conferencing makes and models. Lifesize solution scales as easily as you can imagine. And we update your software automatically and free of charge.

Lifesize Video Conferencing Just Works!

There’s still no substitute for meeting face to face in a conference room. Almost no substitute, that is. With Lifesize, the conference room is connected to wherever your people happen to be in lifelike, crystal-clear HD quality.

Lifesize’s incredible video endpoints in your conference rooms, combined with cloud solution and comprehensive mobile apps, let everyone in your organization experience meetings just like they’re in the room from wherever they are using any device they want.

Why Pay for Video Conferencing? Sujata help deliver 100% value

Tell you what. Skype™ or Google Hangouts™ might be fine at first, but after a while they can actually hurt your professional image. A reliable, high quality video conferencing solution can transform the way people think about your company and its capabilities. Sujata helps with setup of display screens or projectors-screens along with Lifesize solutions. There are a bunch of reasons you might want to upgrade.

  • Crowding around a laptop or tablet may work in someone’s office, but it just doesn’t cut it in a conference room setting.
  • It might look fine on your laptop, but just try putting your free web conferencing video on the LCD screen in your conference room.
  • Need to record your meetings for people who couldn’t be there? Free conferencing isn’t really the answer.
  • Need to speak to customer support in real time to make your meeting happen? Free doesn’t come with reliable support.
  • You know how frustrated you get trying to watch live TV on your computer? Now imagine how your clients feel when they video conference with you.

Priced according to your company size, Lifesize high quality video conferencing solutions offer a simple, cost-effective way to let everyone meet in person no matter where they are.

Sujata Support for Lifesize

Sujata implements Lifesize video conferencing solutions end-to-end. Sujata offers wide range of support package includes 8x5 or 24x7 remote or on-site support. Sujata has a team which is certified on range of Lifesize VC solutions and ensures that your organization is safeguarded against the external attacks on the network. Sujata’s support packages can be purchased by client for a year-round support along with Lifesize so that client does not need to manage the technology changes and threats arising out of it.

About Sujata & Lifesize

As a Lifesize Partner, Sujata understands the need of the video conference. Sujata’s experts guide clients which solution works better as per client’s requirement and budget. Lifesize is one of the most trusted brands in the world for video conferencing solutions and Sujata brings expertise to implement it end-to-end.

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