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Surveillance Solutions - Security 360

Sujata is a multi-brand distributor and a solution provider of CCTV, IP CCTV, HD CCTV, Fire Alarm Systems, Access Control, EPABX, Full Body Scanner, Metal Detector Intruder Alarm and Data Products to the trade covering 360˚security for government, cities, commercial organizations and educational institutes. Sujata supplies quality products at competitive prices.  Sujata also provides installation and maintenance services.

CCTV Solutions

CCTV SolutionsSujata provides variety of CCTV solutions and recommends solutions as per the client’s budget and the business need –

  • IP Based
  • HD Based
  • Analog Based
  • HDD inside NVR or DVR or Optional NAS
  • Indoor and outdoor CCTV solutions

Sujata has the capability of executing CCTV turnkey projects of small and large size and volume. Sujata takes end-to-end responsibility from structured cabling to installation and maintenance of cameras. Sujata does the project planning and provides the required diagrams, timelines and skilled man power.

Four stages of the projects are analyzed with the customer - Layout | material supply | implementations | maintenance | services.

Having in depth Knowledge, Expertise and Experience in dealing with security threats to various types of business and individual. Sujata strategies and formulate foolproof solutions, customized according to the requirements of the clients, best of class with respect to technology and affordable.

Some of the brands for CCTV that Sujata work with -

LG | Honeywell | Axis | Bosch| Sony | Samsung | Panasonic | Sony | Mobitics | NUUO | Matrix | Hikvision | CP Plus|

Sujata’s association with Wireless CCTV – WiFi or Cabled connectivity devices -

Cisco | Cambium | Ruckus | Ubiquity | Alcon

Sujata’s partnership for VMS (Video management software) and Video analytics software -

Mind tree | NUUO | Honeywell HUS | Nice | Milestone | Variant.

Video Door Phone

Video Door PhoneA video intercom system allows you to know who is at the door before you open, providing additional peace of mind and security. Sujata is one of the pioneer distributors for different brands of video door phones. Sujata resells range of doorbells and wireless or wired intercoms to let you do away with the traditional ‘ding-dong’ of the doorbell and select specific ring tones, or even upload your favorite mp3 tune.


EPABX - IP basedEPABX is an abbreviation that stands for Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange.

  • Sujata has 20 Years of experience in EPABX Industry.
  • Has its presence all over India for services of EPABX. And customize the services offerings.
  • Has tied up with almost every local & national brand for marketing their EPABX in India.
  • Have dedicated team for EPABX implementation and maintenance services.
  • Client can have one point contact for solution for basic Analog EPABX to customised EPABX.
  • Client can count on us for unbiased solution for EPABX requirement.


Full Body Scanner

Sujata is a reseller and service provider for a whole-body imaging device which is used for detecting objects concealed underneath a person’s clothing using a form of electromagnetic radiation. Typically used to identify the presence of weapons and contraband that are hidden beneath a person’s clothing. It is also used for  detection of items for commercial loss prevention or theft, smuggling, terrorism. They are mainly used by the warehouses, government buildings and airport security checkpoints.

While airport security may be the most visible and public use of body scanners, companies have opted to deploy passive employee screening to help reduce inventory shrink from key distribution centers.

In order to preserve the privacy of people who are being scanned the detection process is automated. In these automatic systems, the data processing algorithms find the position of concealed objects and provide a location indicator on a generic graphic to the system operator. The automated systems also have a faster and more cost-effective screening process.

Contact Sujata to buy full body scanner enabled by mm-wave technology.

Door Metal Detector

Door Metal DetectorSujata sells and provides service for a high performance walk through metal detector, which exceeds all international security standards. Regardless “height on person” the detector detects the position of the weapon on the person. The location zones of detections are not fixed, as in the case of traditional metal detectors with multiple receiver-transmitter coils, but are variable and continuous to achieve optimum resolution. The panels are washable and will not lose their shape even in humid conditions; they are also equipped with shock absorbent edges to protect it against damages. A photocell transit count, in option, allows counting of the number of people passing through the metal detector.

Locating weapons detected

In case of detection of a metallic mass, the detector not only provides an acoustical and optical alarm, it also gives an illuminated “height on person” indication by means of two bar displays, which are built into the antenna of the metal detector. These may be programmed to provide a display either on both sides or on just one side of the gate. This allows inspection procedures to be reduced and consequently provides a significant increase in the rate of people passing through.

Contact Sujata to buy advance metal detector.


Boom Barrier

Boom BarrierA boom barrier, also known as a boom gate, is a bar, or pole pivoted to allow the boom to block vehicular access through a controlled point. Sujata is a distributor and a consultant for the Boom Barrier solutions. Sujata also customizes the solution as per client’s need.


Fire Alarm & Suppression Systems

Sujata’s consultative approach to provide solutions of Fire and smoke detection systems are suited  for businesses, education institutes and government. Sujata offers a full line of systems to fit every need and advanced addressable systems to respond quickly when smoke or other hazards are detected –

  • Fire Alarm & Suppression SystemsIntelligent Addressable Detection
  • Voice Evacuation Systems
  • Mass Notification Systems
  • Air Sampling
  • Gas Detection
  • Graphic Alarm Management
  • Smoke Control
  • Sprinkler Monitoring Systems
  • Fire Alarm Monitoring
  • Inspection Services

Sujata works closely with customers to design, install, maintain and upgrade industry-specific Fire Detection solutions.

Access Control

Access Control - Biometric & ProximetricIP based smart controllers and supporting software which can be integrated with virtually any type of ID card. Also offers Time and attendance system which can share same hardware platform. Sujata helps clients secure their premise and works as a solution integrator to integrate the Access control system with attendance and other security systems.

Motion Detector

Motion DetectorMotion detectors contain sensors that transform the detection of motion into an electrical signal that can be used to trigger alarm events. Sujata provides solutions that are of advance technology with multiple sensors and embedded signal processing to reduce false alarms. Also provides wireless technology to communicate with centralized alarm systems/dialers.

Sujata gives solution to secure a property or outdoor space without building expensive new infrastructure.

Avoid False Alarms

A security system that goes off every time the wind blows or a bird flies by is not doing its job. Sujata recommends right size of the solution with possible lowest nuisance in the industry without missing real threats.

Sujata not only sell a motion detection product; but implements and maintains it as well. At Sujata, we come up with a security plan, assist with installation, and support the system as needed.

All-weather Security

Environmental factors such as rain, snow, and fog can wreak havoc on many motion-based security systems — Sujata considers all these factors and provides the solution.

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