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Sujata is proud to be a certified Juniper Partner. When you’re seeking the best network for your business, you need one that’s simple, reliable and secure. That’s why Sujata recommends Juniper Networks. Not only is Juniper powering the world’s largest—most demanding—IT infrastructures, including the top global service providers, 99 of the Fortune 100, and the top-five social media platforms worldwide, it’s also driven to create technology that’s easy to use and manage.

No matter how large or how small your business, Sujata designs Juniper Networks solution to fit your needs now and then grow along with you. Sujata’s team of network engineers has the expertise to assess your network requirements—and the experience necessary to help you design, integrate and manage a customized Juniper Networks solution that’s uniquely optimized to meet your specific needs.


Sujata Computers Pvt Ltd is an Authorized Juniper Reseller and solution provider, offering local businesses products and services on a full line of comprehensive Internet security solutions to help enforce your company's security policies with ease at an affordable price.

The  line of Internet security solutions includes content filtering, network antivirus, and virtual private networking (VPN) products. Sujata can provide customised, next generation network infrastructures and advanced security. Juniper Networks provides enterprise solutions that offer network protection, operational simplicity, high performance, flexibility, and total cost savings. Together, we offer high performance, low-latency network infrastructures, built on simplicity, security, openness and scale.

Our approach is very flexible; we provide the services and support that you need, and allow you to concentrate on what you do best. We can supply, install, as well as manage Juniper products - including administration of the hardware maintenance contract.

Sujata use the best-of-breed technology stack from Juniper and keep up to date with recent advancements in technology. Sujata’s Technical and Operations team are closely linked with Juniper Juniper’s support team and can be considered an authority when it comes to deploying the right Juniper product to meet the customer’s requirements. All customer deployments are submitted to strict technical governance.

Juniper delivers innovative solutions to suit your specific needs for network security. With these solutions companies can:

  • Maximize the security of their network with minimized cost
  • Accelerate applications
  • Secure remote access solution
  • Centralized management of disperate components
  • Routing and Switching           

Juniper has a wide variety of network security solution:

  • Network Firewalls / IPSec VPN
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems
  • SSL VPN Appliances
  • Unified Access Control
  • Integrated Security Gateways

High-Performance Networking for High-Performance Businesses

Juniper Networks high-performance network infrastructure helps businesses create a responsive and trusted environment for accelerating the deployment of services and applications over a single network. With Juniper, businesses can capitalize on opportunities to innovate, grow and strengthen their business and answer the challenge of complicated, legacy networks with high-performance, open, flexible solutions that enable:

  • Consolidation and delivery of services and applications across highly distributed environments to ensure consistent accessibility from anywhere at any time
  • Rapid deployment and scaling of new services and applications to support evolving business demands
  • Protection and recovery of services and applications against business risks and sophisticated threats
  • Operational improvements to help reduce administrative, training, customer care and other costs

Sujata has expertise in implementing and suggesting you the best suitable size of the appliance as per your business needs.

Juniper is a leading provider of integrated network security, identity, mobility, and productivity solutions for the SMB, enterprise, e-commerce, education, healthcare, retail/point-of-sale, and government markets. Core technologies include firewall, VPN, wireless, SSL, anti-virus, and content filtering, along with award-winning security management solutions. Together, these products and technologies provide the most comprehensive Distributed Security Architecture available.

Sujata as a Juniper reseller also provides training for Juniper so that client’s in-house team can manage the security appliance. Sujata will be able to support Juniper clients in India, Singapore, Dubai and in the US.

Sujata is passionate about providing you with the most suitable solution. As a vendor-neutral company Sujata will talk openly about alternative vendors and solutions with no bias between options. Sujata will provide you with the information you need to make a decision on the kit that best suits your network. None of our staff including sales staff are commissions driven so will not sell you something you do not require!

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