Digital Signage Solution

Digital Signage Solutions

Digital Signage Solutions – Marketing Team’s Best Friend

Sujata believes in building business solutions and as a part of Marketing solutions, digital signage solutions help your organization to give your clients an experience that is constant and great. We all know that creating an engaging and informative customer experience is crucial when it comes to delighting our audience. "Customer Experience" is at the forefront of marketing strategy.

Customers’ expectations for service-level are rising. Collaboration and interactivity are driving the market for public displays. Not only do consumers want new experiences, they also want to interact with brands in new ways. People today have greater expectations. They want to be entertained; they want relevant information; they want immediacy. It is evident with all the research available that digital signage provides relevant content and drives customer engagement, but the magnitude of its reach is what rivals other channels.

Forward-thinking corporates are now seizing the opportunity to attract attention, leverage up-sells and influence purchase decisions.

About Digital Signage Solutions

Sujata provides Plug & Play Digital Signage Solutions as well as custom-made solutions for customers’ specific requirements -

  • Easy to install, easy to use and affordable
  • You decide what your customers see with complete control over your on-screen media
  • Cloud-based, password protected platform allows you to access and upload photos, graphics MP4, YouTube videos, PowerPoint, (and more) from anywhere, anytime
  • Full training and support for single-use or enterprise wide solutions

Sujata provides solutions of 3M, LG, Samsung, Wallflower and other brands depending on industry and business requirement.

What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is communication medium displaying targeted information, advertisements and other relevant messages. It is emerging as an interactive & engaging format which provides audience with not only the information they need, but when, where and how they need it.

These dynamic display mediums can be used in any public or private environment and employs a network internet connection to deliver relevant & dynamic content to signage including LFD, LCD, LED, Plasma displays, Projected Images, Touch Screens, Info Pods and other digital display formats along with Signage software and media players.

A non-conventional medium to reach customers, employees, partners, passengers, students, and citizens, becomes easy with Sujata’s advance digital signage services.

  • A TV/Tablet/Projector or even a Smartphone at a high footfall location
  • Connected to the portal over wired, wireless, cellular, or satellite networks
  • Managed by one, few or many people
  • Publishing Content and Advertisements to engage audiences
  • In both regular and interactive formats
  • In a highly localized and contextual manner

Why Do You Need Digital Signage?

Shortcomings of existing marketing activities or traditional signage solutions

  • Static content over a given period of time
  • Logistical nightmare to carry and plug-in USB in each screen
  • Problem in scaling-up due to logistical constraint
  • Absence of proof of play and reporting
  • Dynamic centralized scheduling of content is not possible
  • Difficult and expensive to create a standalone networked platform
  • Ad planning, management and monetization is not possible on real time basis
  • Cost of Operation
  • Security & Quality of content

Because of these handicaps, stand-alone signage screens are merely digital billboards rather than dynamic, intelligent medium of information dissemination.

Get Future-Ready Business Digital Signage Solution with Sujata

  • Administration
  1. E2E Digitized workflow
  2. Powerful Scalable Architecture
  3. Supports all video and multimedia formats like video, static graphics, flash animation, RS feeds, web URL, dynamic scroll text , interactive content
  4. Supports display mediums - LCD, LED, Plasma, Touch Screens, Rear Projection Screens, etc.
  5. Supports any network connectivity
  6. Full Remote Management Capability
  7. Multi-Tenancy support for network operators to manage network on their own
  • Inventory Management
  1. Inventory listing facility for effective campaign roll out
  2. Improved sales reach by inter-network group Ads
  • Content management & scheduling
  1. Live/Localized real time content insertion
  2. Intelligent Digital Signage capable of dynamic, real time scheduling, target advertising leading to high engagement & recall
  • Reporting & analytics
  1. Full reporting & billing for Advertiser Networks and Clients

Advantage of Digital Signage Solutions with Sujata

Sujata is a turn-key 360° degree complete digital signage software, hardware and service provider which enables various business enterprises to take their products and services to their audience using highly interactive digitally creative mediums. Sujata is the proven market leader in providing managed services, consultancy, designing creative content and helping enterprises in managing and scheduling LFD, LED, LCD, and Projected Screens at different locations around the globe from a single server location. Sujata’s user friendly software suites provide state-of-the-art content creation and distribution solution that is highly productive and it comes at a cost-effective rate. With Sujata’s digital signage solutions, you will get the freedom to concentrate on your core competencies and not only on technology. You will get a plethora of benefits when you avail our reliable services. We will empower your business with effectiveness, interactivity and cost benefits.

We provide highly professional content designing services that can give maximum mileage to your business. Sujata’s well experienced team can create interactive video, graphics, animation and many more audio visual elements to grab the attention of the audience and most importantly, the information displayed will bring new customers and generate more revenue.

In this competitive business world, you can get your business known across the globe by availing our end-to-end digital signage managed services. Sujata offers a wide range of productive solutions right from designing the network to content design to managing your network. Our dedicated help desk will provide you with the best personalized support contracts.

Sujata has made a mark by catering quality output and services in this niche market and broadening the use of digital signage to various industry segments like marketing and corporate communications, advertising, retail, hospitality, fashion, healthcare, transportation, public sector and education.

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