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To give a total overview of your power consumption, Sujata Computers has complemented its product line with a new family of power meter and monitoring devices.

Our DC²Meter and AC²Meter can be installed at the (AC and/or DC) power distribution board or in distributed remote locations such as PoPs, base stations, and head ends.

Our latest products in the family are the AC power monitoring link series (ACL). The ACL series are typically used to monitor and meter AC power busbar systems or electrical cabinets.

All units feature a DIN rail mountable design, Ethernet connectivity and support multiple inputs for current measurements. They also support our E²Sensor range to offer a granular set of environmental monitoring including temperature, humidity and motion sensing as well as smoke detection, water leak detection under raised floors and dry contacts for rack door intrusion detection.

The meters are fully compatible with our DCPM, a Service Provider Infrastructure & Data Center Performance Management System, allowing you to remotely monitor and manage power and critical environment metrics in your data centers and/or smaller distributed infrastructures.

The meters provide you with the missing element for a complete power monitoring solution, and solve your issues with large or distributed estates of AC and/or DC powered equipment.

With this addition, Sujata Computers can now provide you a complete view of the power capacity usage and gives you the tools to analyze, simulate and reduce your carbon footprint.

Want to find out where exactly the Sujata Computers products go in the datacenter?

Un-interrupted, steady power is vital to keep your infrastructure alive. Sujata Computers power management support service helps meet this objective.

Sujata Computers Networks will assess your power infrastructure to verify that the vital components in your organisation will remain online 24x7, and expensive power from your generators and UPS is not wasted on less essential areas.

We will list all equipment, appliances and categories them from uninterrupted power requirements point of view, leading to a structured wiring diagrams. Our structured cabling will form the backbone of a cost effective supply, distribution and control system.

Our services include supply of high performance power equipment - UPS, Generators, Transformers, Switches, including installation and support services. Our power services are backed by a comprehensive, preventative and/or on-demand power infrastructure maintenance and management. Power is a valuable commodity, we help you managed it to make significant savings in terms of direct recurring expense and in terms of uninterrupted operations leading to higher efficiency.

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