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Sujata believes in the independent and transparent way of doing business. Sujata know that to succeed, you need people products and a service you can count on.
Sujata have built a solid reputation with our high quality service. To ensure that this quality will continue, Sujata back its services with modern equipment, the finest materials, rigid quality control, and of course, highly dedicated engineers.

Networking Services

Businesses need strong communication and networks to survive and grow themselves. It demands strong IT infrastructure, with an increased focus on Networks – which has become the backbone of organizational growth. And with the emergence of newer technologies and dispersed geographical operations, management of networks becomes a herculean task. Organization over the years have realized that network outsourcing to best of breed IT service providers can yield them significant cost savings and business benefits. It has matured to an extent where mass skill sets are available and they can be administer nearly 100% through very advanced management tools with remote delivery model.

That’s when Sujata way back in late 90’s started offering Managed Network Services to mid-size and large enterprises in India and now Sujata has customers in Singapore, middle east and US. Today Sujata manage number of organizations, co-operative owned and private banks with the experience in designing and building availability network and support the IT services network.

Sujata acknowledged all the concerns of the market and through customer feedback, commitment and innovation have devised a unique approach "Design - Implement - Consult – Engineering” (DICE Model) to offer cutting-edge networking solutions (application-aware, usage-based and virtualized environment) to enterprises, Telcos and OEMs for the entire Network Lifecycle Management and Optimization.

Sujata’s offerings are conceptualized, implemented and delivered keeping in mind entire suite of services:

  • Cloud Networking
  • Network Integration Services
  • Network Managed Services
  • LAN management, WAN management
  • WLAN management
  • Unified Communications
  • IPT
  • VoIP
  • IP Contact Center management
  • Network Operations Center
  • Network System Integration Services
  • Network Consulting Services
  • Network Security Services
  • Network Implementation Services.

Sujata manage majority of the Network Life Cycle Management activities and tasks from a secure ISO 27001/20000 certified centralized network operations center or follow the same practices at clients’ end. Sujata’s mature transition methodology in turn converts each activity into an ITIL compliant process that can be effectively delivered through tools and automation thus automating the availability of applications running on network rather than just addressing the uptime.

Why Sujata’s Networking Services

How do you stay a step ahead with evolving technologies such as Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV), the Internet of Things, Optical Communications for WiFi? Sujata’s Networking Services provide a single vision that ensures your network is ready to rapidly respond to changing business needs across multiple devices, applications and locations.

Sujata helps you achieve a simplified, agile, cost-effective and security-rich networking infrastructure that can support innovation and deliver business value. 24x7x365 support option and easy-hardware-replacement option, Sujata helps customer achieve 100% uptime.

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