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Sujata is a 20+ years old IT company and has been managing IT facilities of clients since 1997 having testimonials from more than 150 clients across India and world-wide including China and Singapore. Sujata is serving some of the clients from last 10+ years.

As an Installation & Configuration Services provider, Sujata setup the VMWare Solutions, provides dedicated certified and skilled man-power from offshore or on the site. In addition to one-time setup, client can sign in Annual Maintenance Contract with Sujata where in Sujata’s engineers visits the site to resolve problems and help clients prevent breakdowns.

Sujata is vendor-neutral solution provider and recommends solution that suits the clients best.

Installation & Configuration Contract Services from Sujata for VMWare Solutions

Sujata is Enterprise Solutions Partner of VMWare and takes a programmatic approach with its Virtualization service offerings, providing guidance and expertise through each phase of your transition to a virtualized environment. Whether your organization is just beginning to consider its options for virtualization or you are already operating in a virtualized environment and want to continue to expand its value, Sujata can provide an integrated solution designed to accelerate your new technology adoption, reduce migration deployment risk, and ensure optimized system performance.

Installation & Configuration Contract Services from Sujata for VMWare Solutions  

Some of the Activities Considered for VMWare Solutions Installations –

  1. Define purpose of using VMWare Solutions
  2. Define client budget
  3. Propose suitable solution architecture – On-premise or Cloud
  4. Define high availability, data center, disaster recovery requirement
  5. Define and prepare Pre-requisites
  6. Initial configuration of VMWare Solutions  
  7. Define VMWare Solutions structure
  8. Hand-over of VMWare Solutions  implementation
  9. Installation of system and application
  10. Users adoption
  11. Training and training manual to client’s staff
  12. Additional instances of support to fix the breakdown
  13. Comprehensive or non-comprehensive maintenance contract for VMWare Solutions

And in case, there are any other points to be considered for clients to run their business successfully and without any breakdown in VMWare Solutions , Sujata will create a tailor-fit contract as per client’s needs.

With Sujata’s IT Maintenance Contract provides client’s in-house team an assistant and can help with long-term IT roadmap which can huge value addition to the businesses. IT asset and service management software provides a common control center for managing business processes for both digital and physical assets. It enables control, governance and compliance to applications, endpoints and assets to protect critical data and prevent outages.

Engineers working in Sujata’s IT Maintenance Contract are familiar to IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)-compliant.

Client can choose the support model: on premise, SaaS - Cloud (software as a service) or VM image. Then seamlessly change the delivery model as your business needs evolve.

Advantage with Sujata’s VMWare Solutions Implementation Services

Sujata does implementation, migration and maintenance for VMWare Solutions.

Sujata not only implements VMWare Solutions one-time but keeps track of health of VMWare Solutions under annual maintenance contracts and if client have any problems, Sujata take responsibility to iron out the problems. Sujata with your business in mind will find the most cost-effective solution for your needs.

Sujata tries to work within your budget. But at the same time, Sujata tries to look for ways to help you improve the efficiency of your IT hardware and software.

Sujata does not necessarily install the newest technology all the time. Sujata knows that prices tend to drop once a new product has been around for a little while and if it is not required for client’s business, Sujata will never recommend the same.

Outsourced IT support with Sujata can significantly ease the burden on your own staff. With Sujata, your business will enjoy hassle-free IT support services, expert help when you need it and useful advice to ensure you get the best from your IT systems.

Sujata Support Options for VMWare Solutions Maintenance Contract

Sujata offers wide range of support package includes 8x5 or 24x7 remote or on-site support. Sujata deploy engineers on-site so that customer may not want to hire its own team to manage IT facilities. In annual maintenance contract (AMC), Sujata has a team which is certified on range of variety of IT brands and ensures that your organization is up and running 100% for its time. Sujata’s support packages can be purchased by client for a year-round support along with products so that client does not need to manage the technology changes and threats arising out of it.

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