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HP Serviceguard and Serviceguard Manager

Define, implement, and manage solutions that help to secure your infrastructure, while protecting data and information. Align your business continuity objectives with your business requirements.

HP Serviceguard

Ensure critical services are continually up and running using HP Serviceguard.

Experience improved availability as it moves services between servers on the fly, so quickly and so transparently that you may not even realize it happened. HP Serviceguard transfers applications automatically, in response to a failure, or at your command, for scheduled maintenance.

HP Serviceguard Manager

Facilitate management with configuration, administration, and monitoring capabilities for environments protected with HP Serviceguard Solutions.

Gain a graphical, big-picture view of multiple clusters with drag and drop control that allows you to drill down and proactively manage clusters, systems (nodes), and applications packages. Seamless integration with other management tools allows you to manage anything from virtual machines, to large cluster settings, all from one interface.

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