Advertising, Media & Broadcasting

A fast-paced industry, with a growth rate that is even faster undoubtedly demands agile infrastructure and top-notch technology.


At Sujata, we recognize this need and offer high-end solutions ranging from software development and system integration to comprehensive project management. 

Moreover, we also provide maintenance programs and facility management services. 

For the management of complexities, and ensuring seamless operation; we are authorized service partners for some of the biggest OEMs including Sony, Apple, Octopus, Harris 

Areas of service

  • Newsroom Automation
  • Control Center Implementation
  • Video On Demand
  • Rural Broadcasting Infrastructure Services
  • End-to-End Greenfield projects setup

What are the  industry challenges?

Our extensive experience and industry know-how has made us familiar with the challenges that the Media & Broadcasting Industry faces. This insight allows us to not only help tackle the following issues but also enable business transformation.

Erosion of revenue from traditional channels

Need to leverage new distribution channels

Shorter time to market windows

Disruptive technology

Flexible delivery of content, information, advertising and services anytime, anywhere

Disparate and non-integrated IT systems landscape

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