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Developing sophisticated solutions for high-tech companies
High-tech manufacturing is shifting from leveraging IT investments primarily for automation to helping people work toward achieving peak performance. While improving efficiencies and cutting costs are still important, industry leaders are focusing more on technology investments to stimulate innovation and business growth.

Sujata Computers is a strategic partner for many leading high-tech manufacturing companies across the globe. We understand the need to innovate new products faster, improve integration and collaboration across the value chain, and streamline operations for increased sales. Leveraging industry best practices, Sujata Computers can help customers to significantly reduce cycle times and project costs, while insuring the most feature rich solution.

Our comprehensive suites of services address the following business processes:

  • Customer service and after sales support
  • Distributed manufacturing enablement
  • Materials management
  • Partner and supplier collaboration
  • Product innovation
  • Product launch and lifecycle management
  • Sales channel management
  • Plant operation efficiency

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