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With growing console adoption, the advent of social/mobile gaming, and a resulting deluge of titles thereof, publishers are looking at innovative content creation and delivery mechanisms that yield increased cost efficiencies and bring in flexibility in skills. Leading game publishers all over the world have started to acknowledge the benefits of outsourcing, and a majority of them today rely on the outsourcing of game development, engineering and animation services.
How Sujata Computers Helps
Sujata Computers understanding of the domain allows us to bring the speed and flexibility you need to help launch and sustain your games. We offer you:

  1. Engineering Services - Game Engineering, Art Work, Game Localization, Verification, Platform Migration etc.
  2. Core IT Services - IT Engineering, IT Infrastructure, IT Operations, IT Security, IT Planning etc.
  3. Support IT Services - Digital Marketing, HCM, SCM, Business Intelligence, Analytics etc.

Smart Devices

Smartphones and tablets have ushered in a new era of gaming - with many users doubling up as enthusiasts and avid gamers. Publishers are now required to churn out compelling and addictive titles across platforms.
Sujata Computers helps:

  • Established publishers migrate their legacy/cult-classic titles to new form factors - allowing for an entirely new generation of gamers to experience games that are endearing, addictive, and timeless
  • Small and mid-sized studios rapidly release successive game titles to the market, by operationalizing and streamlining their business processes and development/release lifecycles

Gaming & IT

Game publishers are looking to reign in their IT budgets, improve their build vs. run ratio, cut back on operating expenses and contain shrinking profit margins.
Sujata Computers helps:

  • Trim down a Gaming company's IT budgets by a significant percentage
  • Design, Build and Support IT Engineering, Infrastructure, Operations and IT Security
  • Reduce Service Desk, Applications & Infrastructure Tickets by deploying our accelerators & frameworks
  • Simplify, automate and maximize a game publisher's IT operations towers

Gaming Content

Gaming content delivery is moving from traditional disc-based media to digital-downloads. This brings with it, a unique set of opportunities that gaming companies can tap into.

Sujata Computers helps:

  • Publishers manage, maintain and scale their compute/storage requirements dynamically
  • Create compelling mechanics and UX to allow for industry and standards compliant in-game purchases & expansions.
  • Create highly secure environments to enable digital downloads

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