Rarely people think about security when it comes to printers! But, did you know that printers are one of the most vulnerable points of attack. It can be some random device on your network hacking information through your printer or just print job swipe with an unauthorized entity! It is easier to hack through unsecured printers than from any other device or resource.

But now, you can count on the experts - The HP LaserJet Multifunction Printers!

These Managed Secure Fleet from HP can plan, deploy, and maintain comprehensive security policies for your fleet of printing and imaging devices.

Let’s see some of the features of these HP print services!

Card Reader Slot

With card reader slot be assured only authorized person from your organization can access your printers. Also, less chances of job being printed by wrong entity.

Run time intrusion detection

This feature helps in monitoring the memory of printer continuously. It detects and defends the attacks to protect data and system. It also initiates reboots to recover from threats.

HP Connection Inspector

It is a new intelligent embedded security feature created by HP Labs. The technology monitors outbound network connections usually abused by malware, determines what is normal and stop suspicious activity.

HP Sure Start

HP Sure Start can automatically detect, stop, and recover from a BIOS attack or corruption without IT intervention and with little or no interruption to user.

HP Firmware Whitelisting

This feature authenticates the integrity of firmware system files during the load process using a SHA-256 hash signed with HP's digital signature. If authentication fails the device reboots and holds at the preboot menu to defend a potential malware exploit from executing.

Thus, these interesting features from HP secures the data and privacy of your company!

We recommend HP LaserJet Pro M403dn, HP LaserJet Pro MFP M427dw and HP LaserJet Pro M403dw for SMBs! To know more about these printers, contact Sujata Computers! Buy best HP Multifunction Printer in Pune.

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