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Lot of Indian customers are using Microsoft licensed products but are not aware of what those products are fully capable of doing for them and for their businesses in terms of productivity. We at Sujata Computers Pvt Ltd feel sad when we see organizations investing lakhs and crores of rupees in Microsoft technologies but not making their optimum use.

Microsoft themselves sell support services called 'Software Assurance' i.e SA which can be bought along with any product license of Microsoft, of course at some additional 20-30% of the license cost.


Why You Should Consider Software Assurance (SA) For Your Organization?

There are below benefits of buying Software Assurance along with the product license -

  1. New software versions - You get product version upgrades at a free of cost when SA subscription is alive. For example, if you are using Windows 8 and Microsoft launches Windows 9, you can download and start using Windows 9 without paying a penny from your pocket.
  2. Planning services where you get onsite consulting services to create a deployment plan when you are getting ready to deploy new software. This service is available for desktop products (Office & Windows), SharePoint, Exchange and OCS. You can also use Business Planning services to help you get more efficiency out of your software solution.
  3. Training vouchers for technical, classroom training to help you keep your IT staff up to date. The number of vouchers that customer will get depends upon the number of license and the type of product license. Training vouchers can be redeemed with the help of Sujata Computers Pvt Ltd.
  4. E-Learning is online training to get your users trained on new software to prepare for a new software implementation, or to help them be more productive on current software.
  5. Home Use Program (HUP) provides a license of Office, at a minimal cost, to employees for their home computers allowing them to become more proficient with the software they use at work, when they are using it at home. Microsoft takes the support calls for the home use licenses so it can also help reduce the support calls going to your IT staff.
  6. 24x7 phone and web support to help you keep your IT infrastructure up and running. Customer gets number of support calls depending on number of license and type of product license bought. Each call is worth around $500.
  7. TechNet for Software Assurance subscription to provide a community of information for all of your IT issues and questions.
  8. Microsoft Office Multi Language Pack, which enables you to deploy a single image of Office with support for 37 languages.
  9. Licensing programs like OVL, Select Plus, EA allows you to step up the license edition so as to standardize your infrastructure. For example, you can use Office Professional Plus edition (highest edition available) over Office Standard if you have purchased SA along with Office Standard.
  10. You get an access to Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) which Sujata will help you deploy. MDOP is a set of technologies help manage PCs and make deployments across the network easy.

Do note that entitlement to above benefits will depend on the licensing program under which SA is to be purchased. Details of which licensing program gives what benefits given in below image.

We recommend our customers to take trainings, to take our help in implementation even if their own IT team is capable of doing things. Please contact us.Microsoft-SA-Benefits-Sujata-Computers-Pvt-Ltd

Click here to find an interactive guide to Microsoft Software Assurance (SA).

Anything Else Customer Should Know About Software Assurance (SA)?
Yes. Below things -

  • Software Assurance is valid for 2 years, it is optional for customer to renew it thereafter.
  • Whatever is the latest version of a product customer has installed, he can still use it after the expiry of SA. It is then recommended to renew the SA.
  • The only way to purchase Windows Enterprise desktop OS license is to purchase Software Assurance along with eligible Windows editions license.

Licensing Program Under Which Software Assurance (SA) Can Be Bought -

  • Open license (MOLP) - One-time purchase. Software Assurance is optional in most of the products, only in some products SA comes bundled. It is a permanent/perpetual license.
  • Open Value License (OVL) - 3 years contract with price locking. After 3 years, license become permanent / perpetual and SA renewal is optional. SA is built-in along with license.
  • Select Plus - 3 years contract with price locking and bulk discounts. quantity purchase commitments required. SA is optional to purchase in this contract. Recommended when you have equal or more than 250 users and if you don't mind singing agreements.
  • Enterprise Agreement - 3 years contract with price locking and bulk discount. quantity purchase commitments required. SA is built-in along with license. Recommended when you have equal or more than 250 users and if you don't mind singing agreements.

How To Buy It?

Talk to us to decide which program to select if license and SA is to be bought.
Some products come bundled with Software Assurance, for example, Visual Studio Premium, Visual Studio Ultimate, Office365 etc. And for some products you need buy additional SKU along with the license to get the benefits of Software Assurance.

You can buy SA along with OEM license or Volume License. If you have bought only license already, you can add SA within 60 days of it (as of now).

Best regards
Paresh Lodha
Sujata Computers Pvt Ltd

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Visual Studio is a complete set of development tools for building ASP.NET Web applications, XML Web Services, desktop applications, and mobile applications. Visual Basic, Visual C#, and Visual C++ all use the same integrated development environment (IDE), which enables tool sharing and eases the creation of mixed-language solutions. In addition, these languages use the functionality of the .NET Framework, which provides access to key technologies that simplify the development of ASP Web applications and XML Web Services Application Migration, like fire fox to asp.net.

It is used to develop console and graphical user interface applications along with Windows Forms or WPF applications, web sites, web applications, and web services in both native code together with managed code for all platforms supported by Microsoft Windows, Windows Mobile, Windows CE, .NET Framework, .NET Compact Framework and Microsoft Silverlight.

Microsoft Visual Studio Available in four different flavours as mention below:-

  • VS Ultimate with MSDN    
  • VS Premium with MSDN
  • VS Professional with MSDN

VS Test Pro with MSDN
Microsoft Visual Studio Capabilities:-
What can you really do with Visual Studio? Following are some of the various applications that can be built using Visual Studio.

Console applications: These applications run from the command line and do not include a graphical interface, but are great for small tools or anything that will be run by another application.
Windows forms applications: These are Windows desktop applications written using the .NET framework; since they are .NET applications, they require that the .NET framework be on any computer that will run the application.
Windows services: Services are applications that run in the background while your computer is running. These are usually applications that will have to perform scheduled tasks or handle continuous network requests.
ASP.NET applications: ASP.NET is a powerful technology that is used to create dynamic web applications, often driven by a database. Many popular websites are written using ASP.NET, including those of e-commerce giants like Dell.

ASP.NET web services: ASP.NET provides a complete web services model that allows you to quickly and easily create web services.
Windows Mobile applications: Windows Mobile applications can run on devices that include the Compact framework; these include Pocket PC devices, as well as cell phones running the Microsoft Smartphone platform.
MFC/ATL/Win32 applications: You can also still create traditional MFC, ATL, or Win32 applications using C++. These applications do not need the .NET runtime to run, but also don't include many of the benefits of working with the .NET framework.
Visual Studio add-ins: That's right, you can use Visual Studio to write new functionality to be added into Visual Studio.
And more: Visual Studio also includes projects to deploy your application, work with databases, create reports, and more.

Visual Studio provides an extensible model for adding new projects to Visual Studio; many other Microsoft applications now integrate directly into the IDE. Some of the most common include SQL Server Reporting Services and Visual Studio Tools for Office.
Microsoft Visual Studio Features:-
All of the above applications could be written using another IDE or some combination of freely available SDKs and your favourite text editor, so why would you pay for Visual Studio? Visual Studio is dedicated to making your development life easier through time-saving and convenient features; here are some of the most compelling of those features.

IntelliSense: IntelliSense is the trademark feature of Visual Studio. IntelliSense simply helps you while programming by showing you the available classes and the methods and properties available on those classes. Can't remember what the name of that class, method, or property is? No worries, IntelliSense will help out.

Designers: Visual Studio includes visual WSYIWYG designers for Windows applications, ASP.NET applications, and Windows Mobile applications. These designers make it much easier to get your application looking just right.

Debugging: One of the most important features of Visual Studio is the ability to step through your application line by line as it is executing. Not sure why you are getting an error? Simply walk through and see exactly what is going wrong.

Organization: Visual Studio is built for developing applications, so it provides intuitive methods for organizing your various code files into projects and your various projects into solutions.

Visual Studio includes way too many features to be listed here; even most seasoned developers don't make use of all of the various features available in Visual Studio.
FOR ANY QUERIES PLEASE CONTACT ME ON [email protected] or +919850362300

Hemant Bhagwat
Sujata Computers Pvt Ltd

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UTM (Unified Threat Management)

UTM represents a significant shift in the evolution of network security technology and equipment. UTM generally refers to a security appliance that consolidates a wide range of essential network security functions into a single device, including next-generation firewall technologies like application control.
As network threats evolve and new threats emerge, network security must change and adapt to protect against such threats. This adaptability can make UTM difficult to define because the technologies included can vary from vendor to vendor. Over time, however, the collection of capabilities associated with UTM has consistently expanded, and this trend shows no sign of tapering off.
As we write this, the best UTM solutions for networks include the following core security functions in their arsenals.

  • Network firewalls perform state full packet inspection.
  • IPS detects and blocks intrusions and certain attacks.
  • Application control provides visibility and control of application behavior and content.
  • VPN enables secure remote access to networks.
  • Content filtering halts access to malicious, inappropriate, or questionable websites and online content.
  • IPv6 support in all network security functions protects networks as they migrate from IPv4 to IPv6.
  • Support for virtualized environments, both virtual domains and virtual appliances.

indexThey also include additional security technologies that organizations can choose to deploy, including

  • Data loss prevention that blocks accidental or intentional loss of confidential, proprietary, or regulated data.
  • Anti-virus/anti-spam protection that prevents malicious payloads or unwanted messages from entering networks
  • Endpoint control that enforces corporate security policies with remote users and devices.
  • Integrated wireless LAN (WLAN) controller to consolidate all wired and wireless traffic through a single device, to simplify policy creation and enforcement while reducing network complexity.
  • Gartner has once again positioned Fortinet as a leader in the Unified Threat Management (UTM) Magic Quadrant for 2014.
  • According to Gartner, “The Leaders quadrant contains vendors at the forefront of making and selling UTM products” and “Vendors in this quadrant lead the market in offering new safeguarding features, and in enabling customers to deploy them inexpensively without significantly affecting the end-user experience or increasing staffing burdens.”
  • Of course, the FortiGate Connected UTM platform supports the comprehensive set of security features you would expect from a market leading UTM solution: Firewall, VPN, IPS, Anti-malware, URL and Application control. But Fortinet’s relentless commitment to innovation takes the FortiGate Connected UTM to the next level. Integrated High-Density Switching (including PoE) and Wireless LAN eliminates the need to deploy standalone switches or wireless controllers, further simplifying your network deployment and reducing management costs
  • Sujata Computers Pvt. Ltd is the Value added Distributor for the Fortinet.
  • I would be glad to answer your queries, you can leave your comments or write to me at [email protected]
  • Warm regards


Sujata Computers Pvt Ltd
Fortinet Partner & Sub-Distributor

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Hi All!

Microsoft has tried to simplify their licensing and have started offering brand new Office 365 cloud services to make professionals more productive in their work.

I will explain plans given in below image one-by-one:

O365 Business is useful for people who want to use Office on their devices, this license subscription allows one to install Office (Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel, OneNote, Publisher) on up to 5 devices such as Mobile, Tablet, PC, Mac which traditional Office license does not allow. This is a great offering for people who want to manage their documents through cloud storage, Microsoft offers service called OneDrive in which one gets 1 TB of storage that syncs documents or data across devices with the cloud storage.
In all, one should buy this plan if they want to use office and manage their documents and data on cloud.
Start your free trial of 25 user licenses for 30 days with Sujata for Microsoft O365 business-
O365 Business Essential is an ideal offering for small-medium business that needs email (Exchange) , audio-video conferencing application (Lync), instant messaging application (Lync), document management, processes management and HR applications (SharePoint) and Office applications that can be used online.

O365 Business Premium gives all the application services that one business needs but has a limit of 300 licenses that can be bought by the customer. It offers Exchange, Lync, SharePoint, OneDrive, Office Online as well as Office that can be installed on the device (PC/MAC/Mobile/Tablet) - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, and OneNote on up to 5 PCs or Macs with single user license subscription.
With Exchange, one can configure domain which looks more professional for any business in e-mail communication. Domain can be bought from godaddy.com, net4india.com etc. and the cost depends on your domain name.
Sujata is a Cloud Deployment Partner and Microsoft is running a great offer with us on O365 Business Premium whose price is INR 9000, we can offer it at INR 5400 which brings cost to INR 450 per month per user inclusive all taxes. It is a limited period offer and we highly recommend to our customer to subscribe for at least one license to experience it.
Start your free trial of 25 user licenses for 30 days with Sujata for Microsoft O365 business Premium - https://portal.office.com/partner/partnersignup.aspx?type=Trial&id=ac00b726-4f51-449c-b527-223052e0e621&msppid=1531795

Many customers are not aware that Microsoft sells Office Pro Plus on monthly subscription basis just at INR 720 per user per month including all taxes. This offer works great for customers who work on short-term projects and who want to opt for pay-as-you-use basis. Traditional Office Standard license costs around INR 20,000. We cannot compare that with the O365 Office Pro Plus offering because one gets Access in O365 Pro Plus and also gets free of cost version upgrades under the active subscription.
Start your free trial of 25 user licenses for 30 days with Sujata for Microsoft O365 Pro Plus - https://portal.office.com/partner/partnersignup.aspx?type=Trial&id=291bc63e-5dc6-4be9-8d60-2b5c73a27563&msppid=1531795

With this new offerings, Microsoft have started offering better document collaboration with the help of SharePoint and OneDrive. SharePoint offers some default templates for storing and sharing documents in a structured manner. OneDrive helps synchronizing your documents with cloud storage automatically, it uploads and syncs cloud storage with your device's storage.
Microsoft is also offering great communication-collaboration tool as Lync. With Lync, can do audio and video conferencing from different devices. You can invite your customers, peers, vendors for conferencing or do instant messaging using Lync.

In the next blog, I will write about Enterprise plans that are offered by Microsoft under Office 365. I will also deep-dive technically on the services offered under Office 365. I would also briefly write about how you as a customer can negotiate with us as a partner and Microsoft for Office365 contracts.

 * For more details, you can visit:

India's Microsoft Office 365 Official Page : http://office.microsoft.com/en-in/business/compare-all-office-365-for-business-plans-FX104051403.aspx
Third party research (InfoWorld) comparison between Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 - http://www.infoworld.com/resources/16354/saas/microsoft-office-365-vs-google-apps-the-ultimate-g
Read about all O365 services in-depth : http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/office-365-service-descriptions.aspx
Our exclusive website for O365 Business Premium Offer, check that out: www.Buyo365.com
Our online e-store for software - www.parto.in

Thanks for reading ! Contact me on +91-7276000222 or at [email protected] for any queries. You can also comment here or on Facebook ( www.facebook.com/followsujata  ) and we will be happy to answer your queries.

Warmest regards,
Sujata Computers Pvt Ltd
Microsoft Cloud Deployment Partner

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Posted by on in Sujata Computers Pvt Ltd

Specialized Competencies available with SCPL
We at Sujata Computers Pvt Ltd having more than two decades of experience in delivery and deployment of specialized IT Solutions like Information Security, Data Protection, Disaster Recovery, Storage Solutions and many more. SCPL is till date able to satisfy the IT needs and requirements of more than 3000 SMB and 400 Enterprise Companies.
SCPL Partnership with Symantec is now almost more than a decade old. In these years we have achieved number of certifications and awards. We have developed extra ordinary competencies in various verticals like

  • Enterprise Security
  • Data protection with Backup Exec
  • Data Protection with NetBackup
  • Small and Medium Business

SCPL has proven competency and expertise to deploy and configure various solutions like
Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 :
Unrivaled security and blazing performance across physical and virtual systems.
Powered with Insight and Sonar to tackle targeted attacks and unknown threats.
Symantec Protection Suite 4.0 :
Symantec Protection Suite Enterprise Edition is powered with Symantec Insight and protects with the industry’s fastest, most-effective endpoint security, combined with industry-leading messaging protection and innovative web security.
Symantec Backup Exec 2014 :
Symantec Backup Exec delivers powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use backup and recovery to protect your entire infrastructure whether built upon virtual, physical, or a combination of both.
Symantec Backup Exec 3600 Appliance :
Backup Exec 3600 Appliances eliminate risk by integrating Backup Exec 2014 software with purpose-built backup hardware to provide an easy, complete, and cost-effective backup solution.
Symantec NetBackup 7.6 :
The NetBackup Platform is a holistic backup and recovery solution that is optimized for virtually any workload, whether physical, virtual, arrays, or big data, and delivers truly flexible target storage options, whether tape, 3rd party disk, appliances, including the NetBackup Deduplication Appliances and Integrated Backup Appliances, or cloud
Symantec NetBackup 5230 Appliance :
The NetBackup appliances are ideal for customers looking for turnkey solutions for their organization. The appliances enable efficient, storage-optimized data protection for the data center, remote office and virtual environments.
Symantec Enterprise Vault :
Enterprise Vault, the industry leader in archiving, enables organizations to efficiently store, effectively manage, and easily discover and retrieve unstructured information as needed for business. As the industry’s most widely-deployed on-premise enterprise archiving solution, Enterprise Vault helps customers deduplicate information at the source to reduce operational costs, manage organization-wide retention and information governance policies, and control the costs of compliance and litigation support.
Symantec Drive Encryption :
Symantec’s encryption solutions enable organizations to deliver data protection with centralized policy management through the optional use of Encryption Management Server.
Symantec Data Loss Prevention :
DLP helps you protect your data from loss and theft, comply with privacy laws, and safeguard your reputation.

In addition to these solutions, we are closely working with Symantec Technical and Engineering Team for getting hands on skills for the upgraded and recent products launched.
Considering the growing competencies of SCPL, Symantec has been recently awarded as Best Emerging Partner of Year 2014-15.

For any Symantec related enquiries please feel free to contact me on [email protected]  or +91-9011017300.

Sanket Kadam
Product Manager-Symantec

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