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Sujata believes in the independent and transparent way of doing business. Sujata know that to succeed, you need people products and a service you can count on. Sujata is one amongst the top supply chain solution providers for Microsoft OEM and Retail software licenses in India to over 1000 channel partners.

Our highly advanced and comprehensive supply chain solutions enable organizations to create customer experiences consistent with their brand values and meet dynamically changing market requirements. With a market penetration of more than 3 states in India, supported by a distribution network of more than 2000 channel partners and facilitated by systematic Distribution Centres; Sujata is firmly positioned as a leading supply chain solutions provider not only in India but in Singapore, US and Dubai as well. A strong management team, robust and automated order processing systems, professional business development team supported by a dedicated execution team makes Sujata a Distributor of Choice to both vendors and resellers.

The distribution eco-system for IT products has played a very important role in taking the technology and its products within easy accessibility of all classes of the Indian consumer.

Sujata is also trusted by partners for its pre-sales and post-sales support and commitment towards the transparent business practices which help channel partners grow their business.

The value-adds that we offer to our channel partners include:

  • Identifying synergistic business opportunities for our partners.
  • Providing trainings and hand holding for closures of orders
  • Discussing portfolios of various brands and short-listing the most appropriate vendor for a particular partner.
  • Helping the partner draw up suitable business plan in consultation with the vendor.
  • Help him plan stocking requirements, product transition and gradual scaling of business.
  • Structure suitable credit offerings, in line with the products and business volumes being handled by the partner.
  • Guiding the partners in logistical requirements of complex projects.
  • Providing our understanding of various statutory compliances.

For our various vendors we offer:

  • A readily available Go-To-Market route for their products.
  • The domain knowledge for different business cycles and product velocities.
  • The knowledge base of individual strengths, weaknesses, priorities and focus areas of a vast number of channel partners.
  • Commercial and Logistical structuring of complex projects.
  • Market Developmental work for selected vendors in the SMB/SME space.

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