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Hello Readers

Sujata Computers Pvt Ltd is providing Adobe Licensing and consultancy for below segment of Customers-

1.Commercial Customers.

2.Academic Customers.

3.Government Customers.

We are serving 1000+ customer from web designing and animation industry who are using Adobe software.
We are also serving 500+ school and colleges customers and more than 200+ Government Customers who are using adobe software.

Adobe Licenses which are available today as on 11 October 2014:

1.Creative Cloud for teams: All individual desktops apps are available in this suite.
2.Creative cloud for single apps: Single apps are available in this category. Acrobat is also   available as singe apps product.
3.PPBU Products like eLearning Suite, Adobe Technical Suite, Captivate, Cold fusion Builder, Contribute, Director, Technical Suite, RoboHelp Office, Robohelp Server, Lightroom, Pagemaker Plus, FrameMaker and Presenter License
4.Acrobat Standard and Professional XI

Top benefits Creative Cloud for teams

1.Get the world’s best tools – Access all the new Adobe Creative Suite 6 desktop applications you want, plus a host of additional tools and services—Adobe Muse,™ Acrobat® XI, Photoshop® Lightroom® 4, and Adobe Edge tools and services, and more. Creative Cloud gives your team the right creative tool the moment they need it. Use our expert support services to make team members even more successful.

2.Collaborate with your team - Share widely, collaborate privately. Share files with colleagues both inside and outside your organization. Use up to 100GB of cloud-based storage and device syncing capabilities to share projects anywhere, anytime.

3.Publish apps and website - Explore new outlets for your content with the publishing services included with Creative Cloud for teams. Create and host websites, deliver stunning digital apps to the iPad, and more.

4.Centralize administration - Easily manage and scale your team’s software with centralized purchasing and license management tools. You and your designated administrators can quickly add, assign, or transfer seats and track usage by team members.

5.Stay up to date - Get upgrades upon release, as well as new features and services as they become  available.

You can activate 30-days trials of different Adobe offerings from here -
Creative Cloud for teams is sold through the value incentive Plan(VIP). Creative cloud for team is subscription based licensing program designed for all sizes of customers. Once VIP no. is generated you can immediately add your number of license. There is no minimum license purchase is required. It is very is easy to manage the Admin console of VIP. License are deploy immediately. Once seats is added in VIP console. Purchase order has to be placed in 30days. User can be added or removed. It’s very easy to manage it. Through Admin console companies can monitor for number of license they have purchase.
You can give me your feedback and comments for improving Adobe blog and let me know what do you want to know about Adobe.
You can contact me on 9822324300 or write to me on [email protected]

Warmest regards
Umesh Kumar
Certified Adobe Expert
Sujata Computers Pvt Ltd

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This is Pushkar Nath, Sujata's Data Security Specialist. This blog is for CXOs in Manufacturing Industry to understand what data security threats are around us and how to keep the data safe from the threats.

In today’s tech savvy world, where systems are getting automated, it is leaving vulnerable points which render an organization prone to data leak. We will do critical analysis sector wise to pinpoint the leak points and ways to plug them. Today I am picking up manufacturing sector for critical analysis

End Users – It can be anyone designing team, people from R&D department, data entry executive, receptionist etc. There is possibility of malware infection through internet and spreading it in local area network and crashing down the entire network. Apart from that it might be possible that they might try to send documents or critical organization data through USB, mails or web. This can be prevented by using Antiviruses, data loss prevention, web and Messaging gateway protection. Hard disc, file and folder and removable USB level Encryption

Accounts/Finance Department – This department handles one of the most critical assignments of an organization and that is to manage the entire financial dealing and transactions. Any leakage of financial details might prove detrimental to the organization. This department is prone to phishing attack. . Antiviruses, data loss prevention, web and messaging gateway protection, Hard disc, file and folder and removable USB level Encryption  endpoint to endpoint encryption with two factor authentication will provide adequate security to this department.

Human Resource department – Human resource department has under its possession entire record of the employees. As manufacturing sector is labour intensive sector so every company has long list of labours doing blue collar and white collar jobs.  Companies doling out financial services are always on prowl for these type of database.  Security becomes necessary. Antiviruses, data loss prevention, messaging gateway protection, hard disc, file and folder and removable USB level Encryption becomes critical necessity of this department.

Sales and marketing Dept. – This department generates revenue for an organization. They have data of their clients and their requirements. As personals from this department remains mobile. So BYOD is gaining currency among them. . Antiviruses, data loss prevention, web and messaging gateway protection, Hard disc, file and folder and removable USB level Encryption  , gateway to end point mail  encryption , mobile device management, mobile application management coupled with two factor authentication will provide adequate protection to the devices, application and data.

IT Department – This department manages the entire IT infrastructure of an organization. It has to manage server infrastructure, networking, end points of the users.  Its role becomes critical in the sense that if it gets down then functioning of the entire organization will come down to notch. The first product which is of extreme importance for them is back up software for end points and servers. Second is archiving and third is solution for hardware and software inventory management.

Top Management – This level of management is privy to secrets of all the above mentioned departments. Any IT admin can’t stop them from accessing there date/mails etc from their own device or from home. Security becomes critical as any intentional or unintentional loss of data, documents can have a devastating effect on the entire organization. Antiviruses, data loss prevention, web and messaging gateway protection, Hard disc, file and folder and removable USB level Encryption  endpoint  to end point  mail  encryption , mobile device management, mobile application management coupled with two factor authentication will provide adequate protection to the devices, applications and data.

Let me know if you have any concerns around the data security or you can get a free check up of your IT infrastructure and processes set for accessing the critical data within your organization from me and my team in Sujata.

Pushkar Nath

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A lot has happened in last one week for Sujata - We started our operations in Singapore which is our second overseas operations after Dubai. Secondly, we have been appointed as a distributor by Tally for Maharashtra State. And lastly, we organized two wonderful events for our customers in Pune and in Kolhapur fully sponsored by Fortinet, thanks to Fortinet team for that.

Today is a pleasant day here in Pune and as I write, India has managed to bat against South Africa as per the plan to put up a decent score in the Cricket WC 2015. That makes my day better. Question comes to my mind if BCCI uses Microsoft Project to manage Indian Cricket Team's plan for the match, This blog is about Microsoft Project licensing and the training that you can opt for.

Training will be done by Sujata's team if you are not buying Software Assurance services along with the licenses.

Sujata Computers Pvt Ltd is a 14 years old Microsoft Gold Partner and a Microsoft Cloud Accelarator Partner headquartered in Pune, India.

Sujata-ms project logo

What are the editions and version available in Microsoft Project?

Currently, Microsoft offer Project 2013 as a subscription license that is cloud and as a perpetual license.

If you are buying Microsoft Project for less than five users, I recommend you to buy retail pack license as it will be cheaper as compared to Volume License.

Microsoft offers three different editions under on-premise perpetual licenses for Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and everyday work, enabling you to effectively execute and achieve strategic priorities.

Perpetual licenses editions are  -

  • Project Professional - This license type is recommended to a 'Project Manager'. Someone who wants to allocate resources to the project, prioritize work, define timeline etc.
  • Project Standard - This license type is recommended to a 'Team Member' or someone who's managing project as an 'individual' and there is no team. Someone who is working on a project and updating the status of the tasks that have been assigned to him/her. Someone who manages only tasks and not a team or not a whole project.
  • Project Server-CALs - Like any other Microsoft server product licensing, Project server is recommended to be bought along with the CALs (Client Access License) equal to either number of users or device accessing the Project Server.

Important Note - Pre-requsite for Microsoft Project Server license deployment is - 1) Microsoft SharePoint Enteprise Server-CALs licenses 2) Microsoft SQL Server-CALs licenses. Without these two licenses, Microsoft Project Server licensing does not get complete.  

This license type is recommended in a scenario where there are multiple projects need to be collaborated with each other and there is information being shared between different projects.

So in this case apart from pre-requisite licenses, client would need to buy 1 Project Server license for 1 server deployment each, 1 CAL for either device or user each, 1 Project Professional license for each of the project manager, 1 Project Standard license for each of the team member. Note - Project Professional license do come in bundle offering with CAL license so client does not need to buy CAL separately for Professional license assuming you are buying under Microsoft Volume Licensing.

Cloud editions of Microsoft Project 2013 are -

  • Project Online - Usage wise this one is very much equivalent to Project Server on-premise but it is hosted out of Microsoft Cloud/Data-center so one does not have to deploy or manage. One also does not need to procure pre-requisite licenses which can save lot of cost to the client. All this means is that client does not have access to the hardware of Project and hence the direct access to the database. This is recommended to the client who does not mind having data stored at Microsoft's data center and does not want to invest into Project Server licensing but wants to use functionality of it. Also, does not mind logging into browser to use Project. I have elaborated technical difference between Project Server and Project Online later in this blog.
  • Project Pro for Office 365 - Client can add Project Professional license to Office 365. Functionality remains same as Project Pro on-premise as mentioned above. It is meant for 'Project Manager'. It has to be used through a web-browser.
  • Project Online with Project Pro for Office 365 - As the name itself suggests, this one is a license that gives you functionality of both Project Online and Professional. This is recommended for a 'Project Manager' using Project under Project Online subscription. That means organization has subscribed for Project Online and the user is a manager who will be creating and managing the project in it so he also needs Project Professional functionality.

Whether to buy Cloud/subscription license or on-premise/perpetual license -

Cloud is recommended for customers who are looking for -

  • yearly or monthly payment options
  • always wants to use latest version released by Microsoft

Perpetual licenses are recommended to the customers who want to do one-time investment and do not necessarily want to use the latest version of Project always. They can still opt for Software Assurance (SA) if they want to take the version upgrade at a later point of time after the purchase of the licenses.

Project Online vs. Project On-Premises. Which should I choose?

If you are looking for an environment where you do not have to worry about technical maintenance then consider a Project Online environment.

If you are looking for an environment where you can have SQL query access to the databases and where you have full control over the content then consider an On-Premises Solution.

The chart below shows some additional differentiators between Project 2013 On–Line and Project 2013 On – Premises environments.

Key differentiators between Project Server 2013 On Line and Project Server 2013 On Premises


On Line

On Premises

Administrative backup and restore for Projects (used to restore a slightly older version of a project without pulling a tape and impacting an entire organization)



Archival Environments to retain data



Multi-Dimensional Olap Cubes



Direct access to SQL Server Databases and OLAP Databases



Direct SQL Query Access to Project Server and SharePoint Databases



Team Foundation Server Connectivity (including 2012) (Note: The version of Project used must have the Team Foundation Server extensions installed. These extensions are not present, out of the box, in the online version.)



Standard Windows Installation (MSI)



Event Handlers can use both full trust event handlers and remote event receivers



Full access to PSI and CSOM



Access to ULS Logs
By default ULS Logs are located at  C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\15\LOGS directory



As a result of full access to the databases, PSI and CSOM there is more flexibility for Business Intelligence, Dashboards, and Reports



Recycling Bin for documents, projects, and sites
       Note: –Caution should be exercised when emptying the recycle bin. Once a project or a site is deleted from the recycle bin. It is deleted (gone) and cannot be recovered.



Project Web Applications (Add applications to PWA)



SharePoint Permission Mode or Project Server Permission Mode



Monitoring Enhancements



SharePoint Designer for workflows



No database administration



Security handled by Microsoft



Latest and greatest service packs and cumulative updates



Click-to-run installation



No direct access to SQL Server and OLAP Databases (Reporting is done via OData)



Access using CSOM (Note: PSI interfaces do not support O- Authentication)



Event Handlers require remote event receivers



Extensibility is accomplished via the use of the SharePoint Extensibility Model – (as a result there is no full-trust code)



Download Training Options Available with Us -!132&authkey=!AH_PF8iapIOZhhs&ithint=folder%2cpdf

More Resources :

1) Project Licensing Microsoft Home Page -
2) Project Top Features -
3) Videos and demos of Microsoft Project 2013 -
4) Feature and Function comparison between Project Online and Project Server -
Hope this has given you a decent idea about Microsoft Project licensing and how to choose the correct edition for yourself. Still, if you have any doubt, please feel free to call me or write to me. I will be happy to provide you free guidance -

Paresh Lodha
[email protected]

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