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Qualys Security TechServices Pvt. Ltd.

The leading provider of information security and compliance cloud solutions.

  •  Data Security and Cloud Project
  •  Market Served – Information Security Provider
  •  Branch - Pune
  •  Project Business ofINR 3,14,38,368.30/-



 This client wanted to upgrade an IT Infrastructure of their office and was looking for a vendor who can deliver IT services in time and in reasonable cost.

Team Sujata did a survey and with proper analysis proposed a solution that would help them with their business needs.

Solutions Provided

  1. IT Infrastructure Project, provided power edge range of servers and Installation Service
  2. Dell PowerEdge R630 diskless server as per specs
  3. Dell PowerEdge R730xd
  4. Dell PowerEdge R730xd
  5. Service, Installation and all the Technical support needed
  6. Delivered the Project on time
  7. Customer satisfied with the service provided


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